Princess Charity: Sticker and Activity Book (Review)

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The Princess Charity Sticker and Activity Book, written by Jeanna Young and Jacqueline Kinney Johnson, is part of a series called The Princess Parables. Jacqueline is a former tribal missionary to the Kuna Indians located on the Colombian border in Central America. The vision for The Princess Parable Series was born in these jungles! This particular book features Charity, her father the king, and her beloved horse, Daisy. You will also be introduced to Charity's four sisters and friends throughout the book. Each of her sisters have a separate book available that showcase their interests and hobbies as well. This particular book is perfect for any little girl in love with both princesses and horses! Throughout these 16 pages of fun, you will find age-appropriate puzzles, activities and 50 reusable stickers.

What little girl doesn't have a fascination with princesses? I don't know if it's popular in America because we don't have kings and queens in our country so we are naturally drawn to the elegance associated with them? The majority of Americans are drawn to princess Kate these days and her new princess, Charlotte. Personally, I don't have a problem letting my daughter dress up as a princess and feel beautiful and have fun. We don't do Disney princesses, but as long as we teach her that God is the ultimate King, the one in charge that rules and reigns, then I am fine with her having some fun! 

This book is Christian based. Rather than focusing on magic and witches as many princess stories do, this book focuses more on quality principles. Get this for your daughter or for her friend as a gift, she won't be disappointed!

Disclaimer: Thanks so much to the  BookLook Blogger Program for providing this book in exchange for this review. 

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