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 ~ 3 Ways To Save ~

As a thrifty, homeschooling mom I enjoy finding great deals on curriculum at yard sales, used book sales, eBay and sometimes even Goodwill. But lets face it, when you are buying used, there are several problems you can run into. 

- You only find a portion of the material- such as a teacher's manual without the work text
- You find a used workbook, but, it's partially used!
- The manuals or books you find are outdated or an obscure edition

Recently, I was excited to find a used teacher's manual for a specific subject. The problem was that the company's website no longer sells the workbook for this particular manual anymore! Some materials are great to find used, while others are best to go ahead and just purchase new! 

Of course, if I am going to 
purchase new, unused materials 
each year, I still want a discount! 
is a great place to find 
BRAND NEW, UNUSED, DISCOUNTED materials for your homeschool!

Rainbow Resource Center sells TOP NAMES in homeschool curriculum including:

Handwriting Without Tears

They offer free shipping on orders over $50 and they have over 50,000 materials to choose from. My suggestion? Do a search on their site first to see if they have the materials you need because most of their materials are discounted from the retail price!

If you want even more of a bargain, you can also scroll through their slightly imperfect books to find books at close to half the price! This section includes a range of items including:

Picture Books
Science Lab Supplies 
Music Books
Bible Resources
and so much more.

Rainbow Resource Center also provides thousands of free resources on their site that can be easily incorporated into your homeschool routine. One of my favorites is the lapbook section! These are great for those unit studies that you can do on their own or as a supplement to what your child is already learning. Here is where you can find a links to printables, educational websites, and even flashcards. Since there is so much to choose from, you can simply search by age, subject, type of materials and/or grade. It is an easy way to search their database to find relevant and age appropriate materials for your child.

 Some supplies that homeschoolers go through excessively can easily be found at your local dollar discount store! Why go to an office supply store when you can get basically the same items at such a discounted price? One of the joys of homeschooling is you don't have to fall into the pressure of trying to stay trendy! You don't need to buy a new backpack or wardrobe each year for your children. It may sound silly but I remember the pressure in school to have the coolest clothes, lunch bag, even folders and notebooks sporting the most popular movies or trends! My kids on the other hand aren't too picky and are fine with simply picking out a simple folder in their favorite color! Therefore, dollar stores are a perfect fit!

Local dollar stores are usually seasonal so now is the time to stock up. Even though they have a "teacher's section" year round, there are some items that they will only be selling right now. To save money, you can pick up the following for only a dollar apiece:

4 Count Ballpoint Pens
6 Count Neon Gel Pens
10 Count Colored Pencils
6 Count Mechanical Pencils
1" 3-Ring Binder
2 Colored Folders with Pockets and 3 Prongs
10 Count Manila Folders
2015-2016 Daily Planner
Wooden Clipboard
Full Size Stapler
4 Pack of Glue Sticks

If you have several children, it can be helpful to schedule in educational computer time for each of them. This way, you can focus one-on-one with another child during a more teacher intensive subject. Here is a list of FREE sites that I have incorporated into our daily routine in the past. 

Brain Pop Jr.
Learn with Homer (FREE app- There is a cost for the online version)

Getting ready for the new homeschool year doesn't need to be stressful nor does it need to break the bank! Just remember, there ARE ways to get quality products to be excited about without having to pay the full retail price!

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