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Adventures in Odessey's
Imagination Station

 If you are familiar with the beloved Adventures in Odyssey audio series then you will quickly become a fan of
 The Imagination Station Book Series.
Join cousins Patrick and Beth as they travel through time visiting the Holy Land in 1000 BC in Showdown with the Shepherd. Or go with them to medieval times and learn about English knights and jousting in Revenge of the Red Knight. 
Just in time for Thanksgiving, you can brush up on your Pilgrim history in Problems in Plymouth.

This 3-pack is the second set in The Imagination Station Series. It is recommended to start from the beginning of the series but it is easy enough to jump right in the middle and enjoy the adventures of Patrick and Beth wherever the Imagination Station may have taken them!

My son, age 8, adores this series. I bought him one of the books for Christmas last year and he couldn't put it down. Once finished he made sure he put it somewhere safe in his room so it doesn't get lost and he can read it again when he wants to.

When I received books 4-6 in the series I told him that he could pick one to read over the next two weeks. He was done in two DAYS. In less than a week he had finished ALL THREE BOOKS and wants to continue on with the rest in the series!

This is a wonderful, safe series that I can trust. I don't have to worry about any hidden, secular agenda. Historical fiction is an excellent way to introduce your children to history in a non-abrasive manner and it really captivates the attention of my son.  I've been wanting him to enjoy reading on his own with books other than "school books" and these books have made that happen. 

My son enjoys the fact that the endings of the books are never complete. Although it does come to a close in one aspect, there is always a mystery that still needs to be solved. It leaves him on the edge of his seat wanting more. According to my son, there is a ring that the villain Hugh has stolen and the kids need to get it back to Whit. This is the main theme throughout all the books. This Hugh guy apparently is not a fan of the Bible or God and tries to go throughout history and help the enemy win in each story. For example, in the case of David and Goliath, he tried to help the Philistines win against David so history could be changed forever! Nothing like a good time travel story complete with bad guys and all! Intriguing and entertaining for young, emerging readers.

There have been times where he gets so excited about a certain part of one that the books that he wants to read that portion to my husband and I. I love that he is falling in love with reading!

Rainbow Resource Center sells The Imagination Station Books
for a discounted price, much cheaper than retail! Pick up a copy today!

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Disclaimer: The above product was received for the purpose of this review. 
All opinions stated here are my own.
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