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Paper airplanes, origami, and pizza box solar ovens; this is what our summer break looked like. My kids sure can become extremely creative when left alone with some Elmer's glue, loose leaf paper and used shipping boxes! It amazes me what they come up or what they try to recreate. My oldest, when given an instruction book with a craft, can figure it out within minutes! Specifically, he loves creating origami creations. Using the simple art of paper folding, he not only creates what is pictured in his book but comes up with his own designs. As a mother, I thrive off of when my child hands me, with pride, a piece of their artwork! 

Even though my children enjoy art of many forms, there still needs to be instruction, even if minimal. This way, they are taught not only the basics of a technique but how to grow and expand in their artistic skills. 

I have compiled a list of different forms of art that we have incorporated into our home and homeschool recently:

ARTistic Pursuits

Most of what I have listed are simple arts and crafts but ARTistic Pursuits is an actual art curriculum that you can add to your homeschool. We would use this book once a week to learn a new technique in different areas such as pastels, drawing and art appreciation. For the parent who thrives off of lesson plans with simple instructions, this is for you!


Many homeschool parents I talk to want to incorporate sewing  into their routine but don't know where to begin. To be honest, I barely know how to use our sewing machine myself, much less enough to teach my kids. That said, I have been determined to teach them at least what I do know and hope and pray they can expand their skills from there! A few years ago my kids made simple pillows for their grandparents for Christmas gifts. They picked out the fabric themselves, pinned the fabric together, sewed a few straight lines down the sides and stuffed them silly! 

Chalk Art

For those days that you and the kids just need to get outdoors, why not break out the chalk? Give your kids a theme or let their imaginations run wild. I know that my kids have surprised me with their creativity from time to time! Whether it's creating a hopscotch board or drawing an obstacle course to ride their bikes around, children can have a blast coming up with new ways to create with chalk. Stuck indoors on a rainy day? Simply take your chalk and rub it over salt. Repeat with different colors and pour through a funnel into an empty glass jelly jar. What you have is your very own "sand art" using simple materials that you already have on hand!

Paper Airplanes 

What is it with boys and paper airplanes ? At least my kids don't have to worry about their teacher yelling at them for throwing them behind her back! In fact, I often encourage it! Now that they have mastered the simple folds for creating their own flying creations, my boys thrive on trying out new designs. Whether they race each other to see whose plane can go the furthest or simply try to see what they can come up with, I encourage them to create and recreate with the materials easily found in our home. And what homeschool family doesn't have used worksheets piling up anyways?


I mentioned earlier that one of my sons is a huge fan of  origami.
It all began with a kit he received this past Christmas. He didn't really find any interest in it at first but then this summer, when trying to find something to do, he discovered a newfound hobby! He quickly ran through all the materials found in his kit but that hasn't stopped him from creating! He still will use the ideas in his origami book to create using what he has. He also loves coming up with his own ideas for creations.  

 Loom Bracelets

As long as you find the right colors, boys can enjoy making
bracelets on a loom just as much as girls do! And, when we do have piles of pink and purple bands, the boys will make bracelets for their little sister, or for me! Don't have a loom? There are still piles of activities and crafts that kids can create with the rubber bands without it!
Friendship Bracelets

The Friendship Bracelet Maker is a fun way to introduce bracelet making to your child. I remember using a simple clipboard as a kid when making friendship bracelets but this bracelet maker makes the process so much easier! I have even found myself making bracelets on this thing just as a stress reliever. My kids don't complain because they are the ones that receive the finished product!


When our kids reach a certain age we do allow them to carry a pocket knife. Dad goes over the safety rules and then they are allowed to carry it with them, if they are careful. We haven't lost a finger yet, so that's a good sign! As soon as my boys received their knives they went outside and began whittling. It's a great hobby that has many useful benefits too!

 Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Rainbow Resource Center. All opinions stated here are my own.

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