Valley of Decision {Book Review}

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About the Book

Every choice has a consequence in the explosive conclusion to the Carthage Chronicles as Lisbeth returns to third-century Carthage for a thrilling final adventure.

Thirteen years ago, Lisbeth made an impossible decision - leave third-century Carthage and her husband Cyprian behind for good. She knew it was to protect her daughter Maggie, so Lisbeth gathered the strength to move on with her life.

All these years, Lisbeth has thrown herself into her work and raising her headstrong daughter, all to live up to the promise she made to Cyprian. But Maggie is sick of being protected. In an act of teenage rebellion Maggie decides to do what her mother can't - secretly returning to the third century on a quest to bring her father back, leaving Lisbeth no choice but to follow.

With Maggie's surprise arrival in Carthage, chaos ensues. She finds her grandmother on trial for murder and attempts to save her, but instead the diversion sparks a riot that nearly destroys the plagued city. Only one thing will appease the wrath of the new proconsul of Carthage: the death of the instigator.

Will Lisbeth arrive in time to save her daughter from the clutches of Rome? How can God possibly redeem such a slew of unwise decisions and deep regrets? Filled with heart-wrenching twists and riveting action, Valley of Decision brings the romantic adventure epic, The Carthage Chronicles, to an electrifying conclusion.

My Thoughts

My son is hooked on a book series for children with characters who travel back in time to teach him about history in an entertaining and educational fashion. I don't blame him. I personally am a fan of time travel stories myself so when I saw that this series was available for older readers such as myself, I was pretty excited.

I've also been drawn to historical fiction for quite some time now and I would say that this series generally fits into that genre. It certainly leans more towards the fiction end of the spectrum but you certainly get a feel for what life might have been like in third century Carthage.

This particular time in history is a difficult but powerful one to enter into so be prepared. If you are looking for a feel good, warm and fuzzy novel then you will certainly have something coming when you read this! If you are genuinely interested in what martyrdom was like in the past or what might occur in the future then this story will certainly encourage and motivate you. We certainly do not know what the future holds for us so seeing what it could have been like for those who endured such difficulties is a real eye opener. 

The literary style of this story is quite interesting. Rather than portraying the events from one perspective, you view the story line from each of the characters at different times throughout the story. At first it threw me off a bit trying to figure out who's eyes I was looking through but then once you were introduced to the characters it was smooth sailing from there.

The sentences are extremely descriptive at times. You can tell the author thoughtfully scripted each scene and wanted to be sure that you were whisked away into it. Not only does she transport her characters back in time but you feel as though you have traveled back with them!

Whether you are sci-fy enthustist,  history buff, or a romantic, I am confident that you will not be disappointed with this entertaining read. 

The Author Lynne Gentry has written for numerous publications. She is a professional acting coach, theater director, and playwright. Lynne is an inspirational speaker and dramatic performer who loves spending time with her family and medical therapy dog.

 Disclaimer: Thanks to the Litfuse Publicity group for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for this review. All opinions stated here are my own.

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