Friday, November 27, 2015

Bluffer's Guide To Cycling

You may THINK you know everything about cycling, (especially if you've got Dutch blood running through your veins), but I am confident that The Bluffer's Guide To Cycling by Rob Ainsley will still help fill in the gaps of your cycling knowledge! This witty little book will leave you wondering how you ever called yourself a cyclist before acquiring this guide. Know a bike enthusiast? Planning on attending the Tour De France in July 2016? Then this book is a must-have. Buy as a stocking filler, or just to keep on your bedside stand. Order your copy before The Bluffer's 50% Off Sale ends on Monday!

Deals Run Through Monday 11/30/15
The Bluffer's Guides are a part of Thrift Schooling's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Bluffers for providing Thrift Schooling the book mentioned in this post. 
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