The Bluffer's Guide To Cats

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Just in case you are stuck sitting next to Aunt Nelda, the crazy cat lady, at your holiday dinner table- be sure to brush up on all your cat facts ahead of time. From body language to cat folklore, The Bluffer's Guide To Cats by Vicki Halls can help you learn facts about cats that you've always wanted to know, and things you never knew you needed to know! 

Maybe you're flying home for the holidays and want to impress your seatmate. For four hours straight. This book can totally help you out. If you aren't in need of a cat crash course (because you know everything about cats already or are allergic to even the thought of them,) then pick a few up for stocking stuffers! Get some as gifts for your cat crazed boss, friend, uncle, or neighbor. Even the the lady who feeds the cats behind the dumpsters would get a kick out of this. I guarantee there will be at least one fact in the book that she doesn't know! 

The humorous approach to this book will certainly leave you laughing out loud. Of course, mixed in with the humor you will find piles of cat facts that any cat lover can easily absorb.


The Bluffer's Guides are a part of Thrift Schooling's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

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