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We consider ourselves an eclectic homeschooling family. The variety of homeschooling methods might overwhelm some, causing them to cling to one particular method and stick with it. This works great for many families, but personally, I thrive on exploring and implementing different teaching styles! That said, we are not a Charlotte Mason family, by definition, although we do appreciate some of her methods. One method in particular, is the Scripture Memory System

Bible teaching and memorization looks different from one home to another. Some families beginning their day with a family devotion. Others gather around the dinner table listening to Dad read from the Word of God after a delicious meal. In our home, we read a chapter from the Bible in our homeschool each morning. We are currently in the last book of the Pentateuch, Deuteronomy. My hope is to have each of my children hear/read the entire Bible several times before they graduate High School. This way, they will know what the Bible says and won't be easily swayed by false teachings. 

Reading through the Bible is an important element in our homeschool. It is also important that the head of our home, my husband, is able to teach, instruct and impart the Word of God to our children. This is why we integrate the Scripture Memory System into our daily routine. This method is simple, only takes a few minutes a day, and is surprisingly effective!

 1 Index Card Holder
41 Tab Dividers
1 Pack of Index Cards

First you will prepare the cards by turning the dividers over and labeling the back of the tabs:


Place the dividers in the box, in that order, beginning with DAILY.

Next, write a verse you want to memorize on an index card and place it behind the DAILY divider.

Everyday, when you go over your daily verse, have one parent read the reference. The rest of the family will then repeat it. Breaking the verse up into small chunks, read and have your family repeat the verse. Continue with the DAILY verse until it is memorized by each member of the family. This may take days or it may take weeks. 

Once the verse is mastered, place behind the ODD divider and place a new verse to begin memorizing in the DAILY. Once this verse is mastered, place behind the EVEN divider. Keep adding verses behind the dividers as you gain mastery. Eventually you will have a verse behind each one.

Once you have more than just the daily verse, you will repeat your verses in the following manner:

On odd days of the month you will go over the daily verse, odd verse, the verse of the day of the week it is and the verse for that particular day of the month.

Example: On Monday, December 28th you will go over the following:


I hope that makes sense! 

If not, here is the video from Simply Charlotte Mason that our family used to get started:

This system is an excellent way to build confidence in the hearts of each member of your family. You have the chance to rehearse what your family already knows and you will always be learning more. We have been implementing this in our home for about 9 months now. Each child has a favorite verse and they are now able to easily hide them in their little hearts!

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