Monday, December 5, 2016

Countdown To Christmas

It's only 20 days until Christmas. But who's counting? Well, if kids are present in your home, then you probably are. Out of desperation, I finally gave my daughter some green and red construction paper and taught her how to make a paper chain for her to use to countdown until Christmas. I figured it would be a fun visual for her to use to see how many days until Christmas. She loves tearing one chain off each night before going to bed. She also likes secretly counting how many links are left when she is wondering how much longer she has to wait!

While waiting for the day in which we celebrate the Lord Jesus' birth, I love to provide fun activities, both big and small to partake in. It gets the kids excited and draws us closer as a family. We focus on each other, the needy, and of course, the reason for the season, Jesus. Here is a list of different activities that we either plan to do in the days leading up to Christmas or ones that we have done in the past. I like to switch things up a bit each year but some activities are repeat because the kids like them so much. We try to do one activity a day in December leading up to Christmas. Sometimes we skip the weekends, other times we don't. Some activities are super simple while others are a bit more involved. Needless to say, the kids look forward to our activities this time of year.

~ Have A Family Sleepover In The Living Room

~ Read Your Favorite Christmas Book

~  Make Paper Snowflakes

~ Go To A Local Christmas Parade

~ Donate Old Toys To Charity

~ Make Gingerbread Houses

~ Go Outside. Sled, Ice-Skate, Or Ride A Bike

~ Have Hot Cocoa With Marshmallows

~ Visit A Local Museum

~ Volunteer Somewhere For A Day (Warming Shelter, Soup Kitchen, etc.)

~ Act Out The Story Of The Birth Of Jesus

~ Go Christmas Caroling

~ Make and Send Out Christmas Cards

~ Drive Around And Look At Christmas Lights

~ Bake Christmas Cookies

~ Watch A Christmas Movie Together As A Family

~ Make Homemade Gifts For One Another

~ Make Your Own Pizza Night

~ Perform A Random Act Of Kindness

~ Have A Family Game Night

~ Find A Fun Christmas Craft

~ Make Christmas Ornaments

~ Create Christmas Themed Creations Out Of Legos

~ Make Popcorn Balls

What Traditions Do You Have For The Season?

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hello, Bicycle {Review}

Hello, Bicycle: An Inspired Guide To The Two-Wheeled Life takes you on a whimsical tour of the world of a bike owner. More than just your everyday manual, this book is filled with both inspiration and information that will 'wow' even the most experienced rider. Whether you are buying this book for a beginner or an expert they will have hours of fun paging through innovative ideas and trends that they can incorporate into their everyday life.

I'll be honest, what drew me to this book was the cover. It's quirky, bright, fun and shouts, "read me!" The content is just as enticing within the following six sections:

~ Why Bicycles?
~ What Do I Need To Know To Ride?
~ Taking Care Of Your Bicycle
~ Biking For All Activities
~ Essential Provisions
~ More Than Just A Ride

Not only will you find useful information about taking care of your bike and bike safety but there are many fun activities, recipes, projects and ideas that any bike enthusiast would be excited to try. Yes, I said recipes. If you are going to take biking seriously then knowing both how to pack food and which foods to pack are important and this book teaches you both.

I was planning on giving this to my son who adores biking and can't wait for the day when he can have more freedom riding around his bike. I wasn't sure if this book would be kid-friendly, it certainly is a cute book but the beer reference makes me uncertain that I want to gift this to a child.
Overall, this book has fun pictures, ideas and information and would make a wonderful gift this holiday season or anytime throughout the year.

Disclaimer: This book was provided free in exchange for my review. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Prayer Journal For Young Girls {Review}

Journaling was a favorite pastime of mine as a young girl. Whatever happened during the day, would eventually be found in my journal. As I grew up a bit the topics would change from which boy I had a crush on to more spiritual matters. This Journal for kids would make a perfect gift for that young lady in your life who may be seeking the things of the Lord or wondering if God hears her when she prays. This sweet gift comes in an adorable, glittery cover. It holds two small books. One for prayers and one for answered prayers. The topics touch the hearts of young girls all across the board. Girls can fill in which countries they hope to visit someday, people in their life that are sick who need prayer. The colors and fun drawings are captivating for young girls making it enticing to go back to this journal over and over again. I highly recommend this book for any young girl in your life!

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

Little Book of God's Love {Review}

What a sweet book! This tiny little board book is filled from cover to cover with heart warming poems on the topic of love. The Precious Moments illustrations captivate a child's attention bringing them into a world of joy and happiness. I remember loving Precious Moments when I was young and now my daughter has the same appreciation for it in her childhood. A wonderful tradition to pass on. In addition to the adorable imagery, the poem selection is over the top wonderful. You'll find some familiar poems such as Jesus Loves Me, Skidamarink and Oh How I Love Jesus. The new ones introduced are just as sweet, including, Inside My Heart, A Happy Heart, and A Mealtime Prayer. You and your little one will enjoy paging through this book,reading the poems and enjoying the pictures time and time again!

Disclaimer: This book was provided free. All opinions stated here are my own.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Radical Book For Kids {Review}

The Radical Book for Kids is a fun-filled explorer's guide to the Bible, church history, and life for boys and girls age 8 and up. Along with examining some of the most exciting realities in the universe, the handbook is vibrantly illustrated and chock-full of fun facts and ideas. Deep truths are communicated to elementary and middle-school aged kids while stimulating their curiosity and sense of adventure within a gospel-centered framework.

This power-packed
book is "radical" in more ways than you might think! It is "radical" in the sense of the original meaning of the word, "going to the root or origin." The Radical Book for Kids will take children on a fascinating journey into the ancient roots of the Christian faith. But it's also "radical" in the more modern sense of being revolutionary. Kids read about men and women who learned to trust Jesus and stand for him---displaying radical faith---even when everything seemed against them.

The Radical Book for Kids is also "radical"- meaning fun or cool- in the eyes of a child. Kids read about ancient weapons (and how to make one), learn about jewels, create pottery, discover ancient languages, use secret codes, locate stars, tell time using the sun, play a board game that's 3,000 years old-and more.

Check out the table of contents, skip around, or read straight through. However a child chooses to explore it,
The Radical Book for Kids will open new vistas for their imagination and help to make straight paths for their feet.
Purchase A Copy:

My Thoughts

This book is jam packed with important church history facts for tweens or early teens. It presents information that I never was exposed to until my college years. Yet for kids, it is presented in bite sized, easy to swallow portions. The cover is impressive with a hard, sturdy, thick binding. The tree and children's silhouette image is eye-catching. The way the facts are presented on each page is fun and quirky with animated text fonts, colorful images and fun facts.

Your child can learn Latin phrases, have a lesson on how to properly clean their room or play fun Bible times games. I was truly excited about getting this book since my oldest son loves informative books such as this.

Unfortunately, after reading through some of the sidebar quotes I quickly found out that this book is not for my family. Trust me, you most likely will like it but our family doesn't allow CS Lewis or JRR Tolkien to be read in our house. Strict, I know. If you want to know our reasoning in more detail, feel free to email me at the address on my contact page. That said, I need to be consistent with what I allow in my home, and even though most biblical scholars quote CS Lewis, and this shouldn't be a deal breaker, for me, it is.

About The Author

Champ Thornton grew up in the Carolinas. He is presently an associate pastor at Ogletown Baptist Church in Newark, Delaware. Beginning in 2003, he pastored in South Carolina and later served as director of SOMA, a ministry training school in Columbus, Ohio. Champ is also the author of God's Love: A Bible Storybook, and of Bible curriculum for early and upper elementary-aged children.

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Litfuse who provided me with a free copy of this book. All opinions stated here are my own.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Say and Pray Devotions {Review}

Say & Pray Devotions features short devotions and lots of labeled illustrations so your little one can practice identifying objects and words on their own! This book is a great tool to start a devotional time with little ones, as it will help you teach them about God, and the labeled pictures will help start a life of faith. This is a nice complement to the bestselling Say & Pray Bible.

My Thoughts
When I tuck my little one in for a nap, I tend to stall. Searching around the room, I'll point out objects, say their names, and see if he can repeat it. I imagine this is normal behavior of a mom with a toddler. I also imagine that it's normal when I squeal with delight when I see that he is catching on and learning. What parent doesn't love to see their child learning? The Say & Pray Devotion Book is a perfect opportunity for parents to sit down with their pre-readers and get them excited about the world around them. With sweet poems and inviting prayers, young ones are encouraged to interact with the pictures as they are read to. These colorful pictures and easy text provide a perfect opportunity to share simple points about the world around them within a biblical context. I highly recommend this book.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Book Look Bloggers for a copy of this book to review. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Living A Thankful Lifestyle

Jack frost had arrived. After crawling out of bed and slipping into my slippers, I snuggled up with an oversized sweater on the couch before the kids woke up. The hot, southern, summer days were gone and our heat had finally decided to kick on. My husband and I had been living in this home for a few years now and were used to the chilly mornings of late fall. Our house guest was not. When she continued to comment about the cold, I gently encouraged her to be thankful instead of complaining.

The look on her face will be etched in my mind forever.

It never occurred to her that she was complaining. In her mind, she was just stating the facts.

The reason I won't forget this moment is because there are plenty of times in my own life when I don't even realize that I am complaining. I am simply stating the reality of what is going on. But, when I was on the receiving end of the complaining of the cold weather, it certainly did come across as ungratefulness.

How many times have I done the same thing?

Even if it seems like a small thing, I need to remind myself to be thankful. The Bible says,

                "In everything, give thanks," (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

On the days that homeschooling is tough... "in everything, give thanks."

On the days that things don't go my way... "in everything, give thanks."

On the days that my husband is late from work and the baby is crying and the older ones are cranky... "in everything, give thanks."

When I went to Israel and Egypt and physically saw the possible route that the Israelites had wandered in throughout the wilderness I was shocked. How in the world could they have been stuck in this small area for an entire forty years? Physically, they could have entered the promise land much, much sooner. Why didn't they enter? Because of their murmuring and complaining.

Do you ever feel as if you are going around in circles in your own life? I know that for me, there have been certain parts of my life that I just needed to get over. I just needed to get on with my life and stop grumbling and complaining about it and instead, do something about it!

Thankfulness is powerful. Let's remember to count our blessings this season and be thankful for what we have rather than resentful for what we don't.

If you are looking for resources to teach your children about thankfulness check out these from the Rainbow Resource Center.

                                     Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Rainbow Resource Center. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace’s ‘Cold-Case Christianity for Kids’ Blog Tour and Giveaway

At the crucial age between 8 and 12, many kids begin to wonder if Christianity and the Bible are true.

 Help your kids become truth-seeking detectives with the help of J. Warner and Susie Wallace's Cold-Case Christianity for Kids. Detective Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity. 

The book includes author illustrations and links to a website where kids can download activities, fill in case notes, and earn a certificate of merit.

Encourage your kids to investigate the case for Christianity by entering to win a faith examination kit and a copy of J. Warner and Susie's new book.


My Thoughts: You might be surprised at how young children are when they begin questioning, struggling and wondering about biblical truths. My oldest son isn't even ten years old and we have already had deep, meaningful conversations about biblical topics that I never even thought about until college. Maybe the reason so many children leave the faith once they finish High School is because so many questions were left unanswered as children and they end up finding what they are looking for in secular, humanistic views. Rather than dismissing my child's genuine questions about the Bible and it's truths, I face them head on. I don't fear his questions because they have led to powerful soul-searching and change already in his young life. This book is an excellent resource for kids because it shows them that it is okay to have questions and that the tools are readily available in the Bible, you just need to search for them. 

I find the forensic approach that this book takes intriguing for young tweens and teens.The images in the book are simple and hand drawn which took a bit to get used to at first but once you get into the book, you are so enthralled with trying to figure out the case, it doesn't seem to matter much. The book follows a group of students trying to figure out a case concerning a skateboard. Throughout the case the students are exposed to the process of detective work. This is then related to the need to investigate the Bible to search for the truths that we need to live our lives. I appreciate the way this book presents the Bible and the need to dive in and search it. We are to study to show ourselves approved and today too many people rely on what they have been told and have not searched out the scripture for themselves. This is an excellent book for any tween or teen!

One Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

  • A copy of Cold-Case Christianity for Kids

  • A Kindle Fire so your kids can visit the Cold-Case Christianity for Kids website and explore its many activities

  • A shock-proof, kid-friendly, convertible Kindle Fire case (your kids' choice of color)

  • Enter today by clicking the icon below, but hurry! The giveaway ends on November 4. The winner will be announced November 7 on the Litfuse blog.


    Wednesday, November 2, 2016

    Everyday Learning

    Everyday is an opportunity to teach. For me, I like order. So having a set time and place to teach my children from a curriculum works for me. But I have also learned to be flexible. I know this may sound silly, but sometimes it’s easy to put a comment or question my child has on... Read More At Our Homeschool Forum.

    Tuesday, November 1, 2016

    The Berenstain Bears Bedtime Devotional {Review}

    The Berenstain Bears Bedtime Devotional  is perfect for little cubs settling down for a good night’s sleep. Including a devotion for each day with a reflection, Scripture, and a Bear Prayer for the End of Day from Brother, Sister, and even Honey Bear, these 90 reflections on simple Christian truths such as God loves us, love one another, be courageous and kind, and much more are the peaceful way to end a busy day.

    My Thoughts: The color of the cover is darling. It is a dark blue with stars all around. The dark blue theme continues to the inside cover and the tops of the pages. It plays on the bedtime theme well. Each new theme that is introduced is on a cute page with the Bear family standing in front of the moon. I like how the nighttime theme is carried throughout this devotional, most likely meant to get young ones in the mood for sleep!

    The themes are relevant for young ones, God Loves You Very Much, Be Forgiving and God's Gifts and Blessings are a few that stood out. The devotions include a scripture, story, thought provoking question and prayer. I wasn't sure which age range this would be geared towards but I would say younger elementary. This would certainly make an adorable gift this Christmas!

    Disclaimer: This book was provided by Book Look Bloggers for the purpose of this review. 
    All thoughts expressed here are my own.

    Monday, October 31, 2016

    The Cascades {Pembroke, VA}

    It was a four mile hike.  At the crux of the fall season we ventured through winding trails, stone steps and wooden bridges with four kids in tow. 

    They did great. The kids kept pushing on. They knew that once they made it to the two mile mark- they would be greeted with the largest waterfall they've ever seen- 69 feet high! (It's true- I haven't taken them to Niagara Falls yet- I'm so ashamed.) For them- this was a big deal. My oldest son's jaw almost hit the ground when he turned around that last bend and finally witnessed the huge, gushing waterfall- it was bigger than he had ever imagined. 

    The trail follows a bubbling brook which creates a beautiful, scenic experience. Also, along the one side of the creek we found a wide variety of mushrooms. 

    The kids kept wanting to jump in. I'll admit, the kids were not the only ones that were tempted! We finally told them that once they made it to the large waterfall, they could take a dip.

    One cool find along the trail was a trilobite fossil embedded in a rock. Actually, we found piles of fossils that we hope to bring to our local natural history museum and have checked out. Of course, as a young earth creationist, we will certainly have different views concerning how old it is. 

    Well, the kids made it! The cascades! And yes, we rewarded them with a quick, shallow wade---and--- another two mile hike back to the parking lot, haha! They didn't amazing, I'm super proud of them. If you are ever in the Virginia Tech area and are into hiking, I suggest you go for it!

    The Cascades, Pembroke, VA
     (Near Virginia Tech)

    Sunday, October 30, 2016

    How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety {Review}

    Are you worried about having guns in your home? Afraid that your cat will become too curious? I mean, curiosity did kill the cat, didn't it? How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety will answer burning questions that cat owners all across the country have been asking themselves. 

    What is the right age to talk to my cat about firearms?

    Is it even legal for my cat to own a gun?

    Is it wise to teach my cat how to use a gun?

    Aside from the burning issue of gun safety, the author addresses other hot topics including:



    Online Safety



    Post Apocalyptic Survival


    Who is this book for?
    I have no idea. At first I thought this book was written by an ultra-right-wing conservative trying to push their beliefs in a humerous way. But, once I got into the book and looked at their fake website, fake author bio and fake story about how these books got started I starting thinking this book is completely mocking right wingers. I guess I don't have enough of a sense of humor to get it. If I had to take a guess as to who the real author is I would go with Jack Black. I mean, why not?

    If you have a sense of humor and like cats then I guess this book is for you? Maybe? Try it out and let me know what you think, cause I'm lost. Especially the anti-semetic remarks, I just don't get it.

    Disclaimer: Thanks to Blogging For Books for providing this book for review. All thoughts expressed here are my own. 

    Friday, October 28, 2016

    Look, I'm Reading! Bible Storybook {Review}

    Read and Share: Look, I'm Reading! Bible Storybook is a perfect book for beginners. Young readers find joy in being able to 'read' with the help of images. I am not opposed to this concept. It builds confidence and gives them the courage to read a book that might otherwise seem intimidating. Some schools of thought frown completely on this style of teaching. They suggest giving the child no colors, no images, no hints and have them memorize phonetics first, before even attempting to read a phrase, sentence or a book. I disagree. I am a strong believer in immersion. I immerse my children in books, usually way above their reading level. By doing this, they are exposed to challenging vocabulary at a young age.

    With books like this, I encourage them to read as much as they can and then I help with the more difficult words. The pictures placed sporadically throughout the page help immensely because even though they might struggle through a few hard words, they can breathe a sigh of relief when they can figure out the picture words, and know that they got those words right.

    The book is divided into different sections from both the Old and New Testament based on certain Bible events and characters. For example, The Flood, Abraham's Family, Jesus' Life, Saul Becomes Paul, to name a few. Within these sections are several stories which include a sweet cartoon image with the Biblical reference to the story. The opposite page is a short, one-page version of the story with three different images scattered throughout. For example, in the story of David and Goliath, the images were Goliath, stones and slingshot. My daughter loved reading through these stories, images and all!

    This book is packed with more than 90 Bible stories and would make an excellent gift for a young reader!

    Disclaimer: Thanks to Book Look Bloggers for providing this book for review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

    Sunday, October 23, 2016

    40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood {Review}

    Wouldn’t it be marvelous if mothering came with a concrete set of instructions—an easy recipe we could follow? Instead, motherhood challenges women to find their faith, their true selves, and their family through daily doses of trial and error. It is a brilliant and healing time of life that is full of joy, pain, and beauty with a small side of crisis (and humor). What mothers do not know, they learn. And through this lifelong process of learning, they nurture and care for the most precious gifts on earth: children. In a modern society where moms often have a full and busy plate, these 10 minute daily devotions focus on six key topics of motherhood:

    —Reconciling with grief, hope and expectations

    In addition to the devotions, these beautiful pages are adorned with handmade illustrations to help you refresh from long days or even occasional sleepless nights. So, grab your colors and a little quiet time for yourself while doodling at the kitchen table. You will be grateful you did!


    The keyword in the title is JOYFUL. What mother doesn't hope to provide more joy within their home? Each of these 40 devotions challenge us mothers towards living a more joyful life.


    The author digs deep. Causing you, on day one, to look at yourself. At who you are. So often we are so focused on our kids, our family, that taking the time to stop, and focus on ourselves, not in a selfish way but in a way that God can minister to us.

    Each devotion begins with a scripture. The author then expounds on the scripture leaving us with challenging thoughts or ideas and then concludes with a prayer.

    Then the fun begins. It has been said that coloring can be relaxing, therapeutic even. Each day, opposite the devotion, you are presented in a cute coloring page. The coloring pages
    are seemingly hand drawn which definitely gives this book it's character! Color while you rehearse the scripture or pray about what the Lord wants to speak to you that day.

    Overall I find this book to be just what the doctor ordered for many mothers. It would make a great gift for yourself or any mother wanting to rekindle the joy in her life.

                                                           Learn more and purchase a copy.

                         Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Litfuse. All opinions expressed here are my own.

    Saturday, October 22, 2016

    One Small Donkey (Review)

    Snuggle up in front of a warm, cozy fire this Christmas and teach your tiny tot that though he is small, he too can do big things for God with the sweet board book, One Small Donkey

    This story follows a donkey who feels inadequate as he sees large horses prancing about. He wishes he were quicker and not as slow when his master calls for him. He trudges through and makes his way to Bethlehem. His reward? Witnessing the birth of an ever so special gift, God's son.

    This book presents the story of Jesus' birth in a way that a young child can understand. The pictures throughout the book are bright and creative and the cover sparkles with gold. Any young child would be thrilled to open this book on Christmas morning!

    Disclaimer: This book was provided by Book Look Bloggers. All opinions stated here are my own.

    Tuesday, October 18, 2016

    The Berenstain Bears Christmas Fun Sticker and Activity Book By Jan and Mike Berenstain {Review}

    Yes, another Christmas review, but bear with me because there is bound to be at least one kid on your Christmas list that will light up over this!

    The Berenstain Bears Christmas Fun Sticker and Activity Book

    Taking a long trip to Grandma's house and need something to keep the little ones entertained? Planning a dinner out at a restaurant and fear that your kids will become restless? This activity book is written for children ages four through eight, and rightly so. Some activities are certainly geared towards writers such as the crossword puzzles, word searches and fill in the blanks. Some of the other activities would be fun for the older bunch but also doable for four and five year olds, like the dot-to-dot puzzles, coloring pages and patterns. The stickers, of course are perfect for all the ages within this range. I appreciate the variety, the vibrant colors and of course the lovable Bear family that we all know and love. This would make an adorable gift that won't disappoint!

    Disclaimer: This book was provided by Book Look Bloggers. All opinions stated here are my own. 

    Monday, October 17, 2016

    Ready, Set, Find Christmas {Review}

    Pre-readers and young learners tend to be drawn to books where they have to look for hidden objects. I know mine always were at that age. Whenever we read one it seems like they thought they were getting away with something since it wasn't a book that technically was "read." Little did they know, this type of book was preparing them for basic reading skills down the road. The concept of searching is an integral aspect of reading, whether kids realize it or not. Seeking phonetic clues, trying to figure out the meaning of a homophone by reading it in context or looking at punctuation to get the feel of a sentence. Seek and find books are a great way to encourage kids to excited about books, and Ready, Set, Find Christmas is perfect for the holiday season. 

    The story follows Mary and Joseph as they prepare for the birth of God's Son. There are five sections in this book, each with a cute colorful tab providing easy access for little hands. Each section includes a portion of the Christmas story beginning with Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem and finishing off with the wise men finding Jesus. Every section has eight items for young ones to look for. I am impressed with the quality of the pages as well as the illustrations. Another book that would make a great Christmas gift!

    Disclaimer: This book was provided by Book Look Bloggers. All opinions expressed here are my own. 

    Acorn Treat

    Fall is in full color around here. We just returned from a gorgeous four hour hike to a waterfall in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was unreal being surrounded by the yellow, red and orange trees towering over us while hiking along a rushing creek. 

    Of course, we are a homeschooling family. 


    So we don't say that the leaves are "changing color" since clearly leaves don't change. They simply lose their chlorophyll revealing the color that was there all along. Hmm- A spiritual metaphor, maybe? 

    We having been keeping busy this fall, pumpkin picking, baking with pumpkins and enjoying the cooler weather. 

     I also let the kids pick out one, fun fall themed treat to create off Pinterest. 
    This fall they picked these cute acorn treats. Only three ingredients are needed. Hershey Kisses, Mini Nutter Butters and Mini Chocolate Chips.

    Simply twist the Nutter Butters in half, use the side with the peanut butter on it to attach to the Kiss. Melt some of the Mini Chocolate Chips and use as a glue to glue a Mini Chocolate Chip, "stem" on the top. And you are done! The kids loved making these, but loved eating them even more!

    Find the recipe they used, here.

    Thursday, October 13, 2016

    The Night Voyage {Review}

    Be whisked away on a journey that I am certain you have never experienced before. Daria Song brings the concept of adult coloring books to a whole new level in her book, The Night Voyage. Following a young girl who is left alone on her birthday with a pile of gifts to ease her mind, you will be entertained by her sense of adventure,generosity and playfulness. Taking her faithful cat along for the ride, she embarks on a mission of kindness when the conductor of her toy train comes to life.

    This book will provide you with hours of fun. The index of the book provides you with a picture index of the coloring pages found within the book. Each page is so beautifully created, allowing you to let your own imagination go wild as you color between the lines. I am impressed with the quality of this book from cover to cover and am convinced that you will be too!

    More Info

    Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Blogging For Books. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

    Taming The Ink Beast

    Have you ever found the perfect online printable only to remember you are almost out of ink? Your printer technically still works and you know that the “low ink” warning will give you a few more decent pages. You Read More At Our Homeschool Forum.

    Wednesday, October 12, 2016

    Really Woolly 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury {Review}

    Really Woolly 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury is more than what I was expecting in a bedtime storybook. What I didn't realize was that this book is a bedtime devotional, which is an added bonus. While reading to your child at night is an excellent habit to instill in your young one, establishing a Bible reading routine is even more important. I appreciate how this book includes a a presentation page for those who want to give this book as a gift.

    It is well laid out with a complete table of contents listing the thirty devotionals. You are then greeted by an introduction for the parents explaining the importance of establishing a bedtime routine. Before you get to the meat of the book you will find two pages where you can write your own prayers for your child. 

    Each night you will have about five minutes of material to share with your child. Each devotional starts out with a short Bible verse and a simple, down to earth explanation that a child could relate to. The next page shares a whimsical poem either that relates to the topic. If a Bible character is mentioned in the poem, such as Noah or Moses, then the following page will encourage the child to read all about that character in the Bible, references included. After that, you will find another entertaining poem for children with a prayer that your child can pray on the opposite page. The final page of each devotional includes a "Bedtime Treasure." This includes a concluding statement, thought provoking question and prayer. 

    I appreciate how well thought out this devotional is. It engages young children in the truths found in the Bible in a way that they can understand. It also provides a routine so that each and every night they know what to expect, great for little ones and their parents to enjoy together!

    Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Booklook Bloggers. All thought expressed here are my own.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2016

    A Night of Great Joy {Review}

    A Night of Great Joy by Mary Engelbreit is a sweet rendition of the Christmas story. Presented in the form of a children's play, the message of the birth of Jesus is brought to life through beautiful, colorful illustration. When I was responsible for getting the preschoolers in our church dressed up as sheep, shepherds and the like for the Christmas program I would try not to stress over the details. 

    "They're kids," I would tell myself, "whatever they do up there on stage, will be cute!"

    Rather than expecting everything to run smoothly, I would remember that I was working with kids, young kids, and that their parents were going to be watching with pride for their children. Not once, do I remember every, single, child acting perfectly, but the families watching were certainly blessed! Engelbreit does an amazing job portraying this very concept in her illustrations. In one picture, two children are fighting over a prop. In another, one child is having an uncomfortable time sitting on his knees. I love the authenticity shown in the pictures. It made me laugh as I remember laughing at my mother in law's church one year when young Mary, the mother of Jesus began undressing baby Jesus and hitting him on the manger in the middle of the play. I was in tears. It was hilarious. All the kids kept on singing as if nothing was going on. It is just one of those memories you won't forget and Englebreit has used the theme of a children's play in a way that I think readers can relate to in a special way. 

    I must also mention that the cover of the book is gorgeous. It is a hardback book with a cover that is decorated in glitter. This certainly would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

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    Monday, October 10, 2016

    Night Revive Retinol Serum {Valentia Review}

    What does your evening routine consist of? Are you a nighttime shower person? A face washer? Or do you simply go to bed and hope your mascara doesn't create a monstrous mess on your face by morning? Well, if you are anything like me, just going to bed doesn't cut it. My skin certainly isn't what it used to be and absolutely needs some TLC, even if just a little. Valentia has just released their new Night Revive Retinol Serum. This particular formula has been created to help fight wrinkles. It hydrates your skin, encouraging smoother, rejuvenated skin.

    The best part is, it is super easy to incorporate into your evening routine because it isn't necessary to apply each and every night. Actually, it is only recommended to use this serum every two to three days, at least until your skin adjusts. Once your skin gets used to the product, you can start using this each and every night, but you will be enjoying the benefits anyways so you'll look forward to applying it before hopping into bed. 

    Since I have been using this product, I haven't noticed any changes yet but I do plan on giving it some time. Even though I haven't seen a dramatic reduction of wrinkles, I do have dry skin and I love applying natural products that will help hydrate my skin. This serum's lid doubles as a dropper so you can apply just a small dab of the product each night. A little bit goes a long way. It has a nice smooth consistency and I am excited to have another natural, Valentia product to add to my daily routine!  

    Be sure to stay up to date with Valentia's new products and discounts by following them on Social Media!

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    Friday, October 7, 2016

    Bring Your Bible To School Day {Alternate Date}


    Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are preparing for Hurricane Matthew to hit. For students in hurricane-affected states who are facing school closures but still want to participate in Bring Your Bible to School Day, the alternate date is Thursday, October 20.

    This brings about a good point: Any day can be a day you organize your friends to bring your Bibles to school together!

    By signing up during the month of October for Bring Your Bible to School Day (even if you missed the official celebration), you can download a free how-to guide for teens, parents, pastors, and elementary students. It's full of helpful information that will help you organize a day to take a stand for religious freedom and bring your Bible to school with your fellow classmates.

    Plus Bring Your Bible to School Comes to Adventures in Odyssey


    Getting used to a new school isn’t easy, especially for someone as paranoid as Buddy Norman. In “A Predicament of Biblical Proportions” he envisions wacky worst-case encounters with townsfolk who seem like mobsters, snoops and fairy-tale tyrants—until he gets to know them. He’s also a little confused about Bring Your Bible to School Day. What’s it about? Should he participate? See Odyssey through Buddy’s eyes in this witty celebration of religious freedom.

    Listen to this story through a two-week trial only on the Odyssey Adventure Club.

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    Thursday, October 6, 2016

    NKJV Study Bible {Review}

    I am beyond elated with my new Bible. That's right, MY new Bible. So many of the books and Bibles that I have been reviewing have been for my kids but I finally went ahead and picked one out for me, and I couldn't be happier. When my NKJV Study Bible arrived in the mail, it felt like Christmas morning. I opened the package and was impressed with the quality packaging of this Bible. This would make a perfect gift for you, a friend, spiritual leader, or anyone who wants to delve deeper into God's Word. 

    The cover is a rich, turquoise, leathersoft, material. This Bible is thick and heavy. As it should be since it includes many, many study helps. Which I love. It includes the following:

    * Over 15,000 clear, readable, verse-by-verse study notes

    * Bible times and culture notes

    * Word studies with Strong's numbers

    * In-text maps and charts

    This is only a portion of what is included. This Bible is extremely reminsciant to my old, falling apart study Bible. It has a cross-reference section down the middle of each page. About one-third of the page, the bottom portion, includes your study notes. Every once in a while, a word is highlighted on the very bottom of the page with the Hebrew or Greek word included along with the Strong's reference. It then expounds upon the word and oftentimes includes cross-references. The only difference between this Bible and my old study Bible is that this one does not have as many Strong's numbers included. My former Bible included the numbers within the text whereas this one is only included within the word studies sporadically found throughout the Bible. Even though there are less in this Bible, the study of the words expounded upon is more involved.

    Overall, I am thrilled to begin using this as my main Bible. I plan on using this one on a daily basis and even bring it along with me when I go out. Note, this Bible is huge. I am used to carrying a large Bible and have a large diaper bag to carry it in. If I am going out on a date or somewhere without the baby and am only bringing a purse, I will most likely bring a smaller, pocket Bible. This Bible is intended to be used for personal study and I imagine many people would not want to carry this large Bible around. It depends on your preference. 

    Disclaimer: Thanks to Booklook Bloggers for a copy of this book. All opinions stated here are my own. 

    Wednesday, October 5, 2016

    5 Fall Unit Study Ideas

    Homeschooling children of different ages is challenging. I've tried sticking to grade level appropriate textbooks with history and science. It doesn't work. I'm spending all. day. long. teaching a wide variety of topics, making my head spin. 

    I sit down to teach my oldest about explorers, a younger one about the good old U S of A and the kindergartner about community helpers. Before you know it, it's going on three in the afternoon. I haven't even started science yet.

    Combining history and science has been a game changer. The kids have become more engaged and feed off one another. I teach each one in an age appropriate manner, but they are all learning about the same subject, at the same time. Not only has this unified our homeschool but saved my sanity. 

    This fall, I plan to finish up our core textbooks that we have been trudging faithfully through the past few months and embark on some unit studies, to "take a break" of sorts. Listed below are a few unit study ideas if you are itching to break free from the mundane and try something new this fall.

    Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration For Kids

    4- SQUANTO
    The Legend of Squanto Audio Drama


    Johnny Appleseed

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