Free or Not Free? That is the Question.

Thrift Schooling

We hit up a local public library recently. I made the mistake of letting my kids roam free and pick out some books to check-out on their own. Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking. I don't give my kids free reign on the internet. Saying, "hey, go ahead and peruse all you want and visit any site that you think you'd might like!" I don't let them just pick out any TV show that they want to watch. Why in the world would I think that books in a government funded facility would be any different?

At first glance I was so proud of the choices that they made. My fourth grader is presently learning about our state of Virginia in history. He chose a few books a few young adult books about Virginia. My second grader was drawn to nature and shark books. Every single book that my daughter chose had to do with horses. All non-fiction. One was an encyclopedia of horses while another was a picture book stating basic facts about different breeds and horse care. 

The next day at home was when they really dived into their books. I began reading a horse book to my daughter only to find evolution a pressing theme. I begin reading the second book, evolution again. My husband and I then looked at all fifteen books that were checked out. All but two of them spoke of evolution. Really? Books about Virginia, about horses and everything in between were pushing the religion of evolution. 

Many thrifty homeschool sites say that you can homeschool for free by using resources on the internet and your local library. I'm sure it's possible but I stand quite weary. If I were only concerned about finding free education for my kids then I might as well send them to public school. Rather, I like to know what they are reading, watching and who is indoctrinating them. What doctrine do I believe would help build a firm and solid foundation in their lives? 

Our family has chosen to build our foundation on the Word of God. Anything contrary to that is placed under serious scrutiny. If there is something taught that goes against the Word of God then as the teacher I set the record straight. But, with children that are so young I certainly do not want to let them fend for themselves in a sea of confusion and contradiction. 

I'm known for being thrifty. I search out deals and I will not pay full price if I know that I can find it cheaper somewhere else. That said, I still set aside a budget for schooling each year. I use this money to buy good, quality, Christian based materials to teach my children. This is an important investment for me. I look for deals, I shop used curriculum sales and even find a decent share of Christian materials at second hand stores. If there is a product that I've researched online and am determined to purchase I always check Rainbow Resource Center first to see if they have it a discounted price.

Check These Creation vs Evolution Resources For Kids!

Disclaimer- This post is sponsored by Rainbow Resource Center. All opinions stated here are my own.

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