5 Ways I'm Prepping For This Year's Homeschool Convention {plus a GIVEAWAY!}

Thrift Schooling

Set a Budget
I already have a specific amount of money set aside. A certain amount for hotel and parking. Another set aside for food and gas and finally the big one, curriculum! If I don't plan ahead on this one I most likely will get sidetracked and spend way more than I need to.

Plan to Eat In
We certainly plan to eat out one of the nights there, but honestly, the rest of the meals are  going to involve us crashing in the hotel room. The hotel that we are staying in has a microwave and fridge in the room so I am planning on stocking up and planning ahead. Simple snacks, easy salad fixings and some precooked foods that can easily be heated up- maybe hamburgers or homemade chicken fingers should work just fine.  

Comfortable Walking Shoes
I've already been eyeing my children's shoe collection and have been trying to figure out which shoes will be the most comfortable for them to walk around the convention center in. I'm pretty sure I've never heard them complain in their New Balance sneakers so we'll go with that! One isn't walking yet so he will be pushed in a stroller (until it is not filled with books, of course, then it's the Moby Wrap for him!)

A Rolling Cart or Suitcase
Ha! The first year I attended I did NOT even know that this was a thing. Obviously I was planning on making purchases, but thought my arms would suffice. Needless to say, they were black and blue by the end of the weekend! I am soooo bringing a rolling suitcase (or two!)

Backpacks for the Kids
Again, this is my first year bringing kids but I can picture it now. Running into the Exhibit Hall, collecting random goodies from the vendors and then pouring them all into my arms. Yes, they are bringing backpacks for their own treasures that they find!

Join us at the 33rd Annual Home Educator's of Virginia Homeschool Convention!  

Check out my interview's with convention speakers Kirk Martin and Joel Salatin!

Enter To Win 

Enter Below to Win a Pass For You and Your Whole Family!

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