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The Mustard Seed by Peter Szondy is based on an original story by G. M. Mercier.  Though the story is a work of fiction, the creator, Mercier wrote this story in response to a difficult circumstance that he faced in his life. His eight year old granddaughter was diagnosed with a life threatening disease. The events that followed, inspired the creation of this story. 

In The Mustard Seed, we are introduced to a friendly, well-liked, church-going eight year old girl named Sara. She lives with her parents and ten year old brother, Danny. Her family is your average small town family, who knows everyone and is known just the same. Every so often, to relax, they visit Sara's grandfather at his ranch in White Dove. It's a peaceful place, enjoyed by the children especially because of it's lake. 

During one visit, Sara finds a dead bird. It breaks her heart to see what has happened to it. She remembers hearing in church that God can heal, so she prays. And prays. And prays. She continues to pray, for hours. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the bird came back to like and flew away. During the time of this miracle, Sara peers across the  lake. She sees Jesus, and he speaks to her.

What happens next is unexpected. Sara prays for a young boy who is in a wheelchair. A simple prayer. A simple, please heal him Lord, prayer. Shortly after, he could walk. The doctors could not explain it. Quickly, word gets out and is broadcast in the news. Kids mock Sara at first but then parents begin to show up at her doorstep with their sick children, all expecting a miracle. 

This story continues to follow Sara and the members of her community as they try to make sense of what is going on. Did Sara really see Jesus? Is Jesus the one who healed the ones that came to see Sara? 

The characters in this story are genuine, down to earth and likable. Immediately you will fall in love with Sara and have a soft spot in your heart for her family. You will enjoy reading as the author brings you into the minds of Sara's mom, grandfather, doctor, pastor and visiting catholic priests. You will be challenged on your take of miracles, faith and Jesus. 

Since I know my audience primarily consists of homeschool moms, I feel the need to share that the word hell is used several times. It is used simply to show strong emotion in a time of difficulty. I personally don't use that word in that context and generally don't allow my children to watch movies or read books when it is used as a curse word. I know some parents would want to be advised of this. 

Overall I found this book real, challenging and quite an adventure. I enjoyed the author's writing style as well. The subject of spiritual miracles can be controversial. Catholics recognize those who perform miracles with sainthood. Pentecostal evangelists travel the world laying hands on the sick and see some recover. The question presented in this book is, is what we are seeing simply mass hypnosis, or does Jesus really appear to people and heal people today? Regardless of your current stand on this issue, you will enjoy following Sara and her journey throughout this book!


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