BIC® XTRA-Fun #2 Pencils with Stripes {Review}

Thrift Schooling

Who knew #2 pencils could be so fun? Apparently Bic did. They knew because they delivered. Bic has created XTRA-Fun #2 pencils with stripes that have lit up my kids faces. When my kids saw pencils in their favorite colors you would have thought it was Christmas morning. Seriously. There is just something about new school supplies, especially in the homeschooling realm since we don't stock up in the fall as traditional schools do. 

When we received these in the mail they were super excited. Immediately I laid down the rules. No biting off erasers, keep them in a place you will remember and no "borrowing" from each other. Am I a strict mom, or what? Ha, ha. You kind of have to be with elementary aged students though, especially with pencils. If not then the kids end up losing them and handing in papers completed in pen, marker, crayon, lipstick, etc.

I love that these packs come in a variety of colors. This way, each kid knows exactly which pencil is theirs and there is no confusion or arguing over whose pencil is whose. Not that my kids have ever argued over something as petty as pencils before, (shaking head in shame.)

We've been using these pencils for a few weeks now and the kids are still huge fans. They love the colors and they love the elasticity. Even though they are wooden pencils, they somehow bend. Seriously, they don't break, at least not easily and my kids love this!
I personally love the colors, design and how they feel in your hand when you use them. These fun pencils are sure to be a hit with kids everywhere! Pick up a pack for your kids today!

Disclaimer: I received this product free from Bzzagent. All opinions stated here are my own.

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