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Thrift Schooling

The Newest Adventures In Odyssey can now be streamed online at the Odyssey Adventure Club website. If you are not yet a member, you can listen to this episode FREE if you sign up for a free two-week trial! You will be introduced to Buddy Norman, the new kid at school, who is paranoid of everything. He's also confused about the upcoming Bring Your Bible School Day and unsure if he should participate. Check out this entertaining and faith building story that celebrates the religious freedom that we still can cling to in the school system today.    

What Is Bring Your Bible To School Day?

Every October, Focus on the Family encourages students nationwide to partake in Bring Your Bible to School Day. Some schools may ban prayer, after school Bible clubs or the posting of the ten commandments but they can't ban your child from carrying their Bible to school. They can read it by their locker while waiting for school to begin, at their desks before the bell rings, in the lunchroom or study hall. Character is defined as who you are when no one is looking. What do most students do when they have a spare moment throughout the day. Text? Gossip? Encourage your child to share with their classmates an alternative for their down time activity- Bible reading! This event is an awesome opportunity to show that reading your Bible is not just for your parents but young people as well.

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