Wee Alphas A-Z Postcards

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This imaginative take on the alphabet features 26 Wee Alphas postcards, each created with a "hidden letter” to find. 

Based on the award-winning Wee Alphas kids’ app, the postcards feature quirky illustrations of Biki the Buffalo, Ulysses the Unicorn, Yolanda the Yeti, and their furry, feathered, or finned friends. The cards are bound into a fold-out accordion format that can be displayed in its entirety, or they can be detached to separately display or share. Writing prompts on the back of each card will inspire any kid (or their grown-up) to pass along a super-special greeting.

One curriculum that I use in my homeschool suggests having a pile of postcards available for young writers to use for story ideas. They pick out a postcard and write a story based on the picture. Fortunately, when I traveled back in the day, I collected plenty of postcards. At the time I figured that the pictures on the postcards were way better than any picture I could take, haha! Presently, there is an accordion style postcard booklet that I picked up at Versailles near Paris, France. My daughter has fallen in love with this booklet and loves looking at the pictures and wants to rip them apart and send them to all her friends. So, when I saw this Wee Alpha postcard set formatted in the same concept as my Versailles postcards I knew it would be a huge hit with my daughter. It comes packaged in an adorable box that is very inviting. When you open the box, you are presented with an accordion style set of postcards. Mine was split into two sections, I am not sure if all of them are like that or if it was just mine since the sections were uneven. Each postcard has a cute animal with a hidden letter inside. On the back is a quirky greeting, signature and fun activity that has do do with that letter. These postcards are great to help teach little ones how successfully to write a postcard in a unique way. These postcards could also be used to teach young ones these letters in a classroom or home setting. 

Disclaimer: This review was brought to you by Blogging For Books. All opinions expressed here are my own. 

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