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I am beyond elated with my new Bible. That's right, MY new Bible. So many of the books and Bibles that I have been reviewing have been for my kids but I finally went ahead and picked one out for me, and I couldn't be happier. When my NKJV Study Bible arrived in the mail, it felt like Christmas morning. I opened the package and was impressed with the quality packaging of this Bible. This would make a perfect gift for you, a friend, spiritual leader, or anyone who wants to delve deeper into God's Word. 

The cover is a rich, turquoise, leathersoft, material. This Bible is thick and heavy. As it should be since it includes many, many study helps. Which I love. It includes the following:

* Over 15,000 clear, readable, verse-by-verse study notes

* Bible times and culture notes

* Word studies with Strong's numbers

* In-text maps and charts

This is only a portion of what is included. This Bible is extremely reminsciant to my old, falling apart study Bible. It has a cross-reference section down the middle of each page. About one-third of the page, the bottom portion, includes your study notes. Every once in a while, a word is highlighted on the very bottom of the page with the Hebrew or Greek word included along with the Strong's reference. It then expounds upon the word and oftentimes includes cross-references. The only difference between this Bible and my old study Bible is that this one does not have as many Strong's numbers included. My former Bible included the numbers within the text whereas this one is only included within the word studies sporadically found throughout the Bible. Even though there are less in this Bible, the study of the words expounded upon is more involved.

Overall, I am thrilled to begin using this as my main Bible. I plan on using this one on a daily basis and even bring it along with me when I go out. Note, this Bible is huge. I am used to carrying a large Bible and have a large diaper bag to carry it in. If I am going out on a date or somewhere without the baby and am only bringing a purse, I will most likely bring a smaller, pocket Bible. This Bible is intended to be used for personal study and I imagine many people would not want to carry this large Bible around. It depends on your preference. 

Disclaimer: Thanks to Booklook Bloggers for a copy of this book. All opinions stated here are my own. 

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