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It's only 20 days until Christmas. But who's counting? Well, if kids are present in your home, then you probably are. Out of desperation, I finally gave my daughter some green and red construction paper and taught her how to make a paper chain for her to use to countdown until Christmas. I figured it would be a fun visual for her to use to see how many days until Christmas. She loves tearing one chain off each night before going to bed. She also likes secretly counting how many links are left when she is wondering how much longer she has to wait!

While waiting for the day in which we celebrate the Lord Jesus' birth, I love to provide fun activities, both big and small to partake in. It gets the kids excited and draws us closer as a family. We focus on each other, the needy, and of course, the reason for the season, Jesus. Here is a list of different activities that we either plan to do in the days leading up to Christmas or ones that we have done in the past. I like to switch things up a bit each year but some activities are repeat because the kids like them so much. We try to do one activity a day in December leading up to Christmas. Sometimes we skip the weekends, other times we don't. Some activities are super simple while others are a bit more involved. Needless to say, the kids look forward to our activities this time of year.

~ Have A Family Sleepover In The Living Room

~ Read Your Favorite Christmas Book

~  Make Paper Snowflakes

~ Go To A Local Christmas Parade

~ Donate Old Toys To Charity

~ Make Gingerbread Houses

~ Go Outside. Sled, Ice-Skate, Or Ride A Bike

~ Have Hot Cocoa With Marshmallows

~ Visit A Local Museum

~ Volunteer Somewhere For A Day (Warming Shelter, Soup Kitchen, etc.)

~ Act Out The Story Of The Birth Of Jesus

~ Go Christmas Caroling

~ Make and Send Out Christmas Cards

~ Drive Around And Look At Christmas Lights

~ Bake Christmas Cookies

~ Watch A Christmas Movie Together As A Family

~ Make Homemade Gifts For One Another

~ Make Your Own Pizza Night

~ Perform A Random Act Of Kindness

~ Have A Family Game Night

~ Find A Fun Christmas Craft

~ Make Christmas Ornaments

~ Create Christmas Themed Creations Out Of Legos

~ Make Popcorn Balls

What Traditions Do You Have For The Season?

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  1. Our Christmas tradition is to bake a cake on December 23 (too busy on December 24..LOL) & let the kids decorate it anyway they like. We use it for Christmas morning as a birthday cake for Jesus & sing "Happy Birthday"..presents & cake equals a happy day!

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