Finding Matchbox Cars... With A Metal Detector!

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Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains has certainly changed me. My lifestyle, goals, daily habits and forms of entertainment are dramatically different. Growing up in the suburbs led me to visiting a mall weekly, coffee shop bi-weekly and a hike in the woods once every, lets say, five years! Now, all I have to do is step outside and the woods await. I go half a mile and a mountainous view is begging to be enjoyed. Life is different. Good, different and I am so thankful that I am able to raise my kids here, like this.

One hobby that my older ones have really taken to is metal detecting. Homeschool nerds to the max, right?

We first started out with a White's and then had an opportunity to review a Tesoro, you can read my Tesoro Review Here. My boys have found piles of goodies with this detector and love it. One of my son now has a Garrett, but my oldest still uses his trusty Tesoro with great success. 

Every find, has a story. My kids love trying to figure out what that story is. Sure, they may not have landed any Confederate gold yet but that certainly isn't for a lack of trying. It isn't too far fetched considering we live in Virginia- a prime candidate for Civil War relics for sure. So, it's a goal, to find pieces from that era, but until they make that discovery, they are enjoying the thrill of the hunt!

Two of my sons and now even my daughter, have a pile of goodies that they have found on their dresser. I'm thinking we are going to have to do something about that though because at this rate they are racking up their finds! 

Here's a picture that my oldest took of what he found during one afternoon of metal detecting last week:

(Note To Self: I need to remind him to turn off the time/date stamp!)

Well, he found all of the above during one of his digs last week. Looks like he hit the jackpot on old matchbox cars! I do believe a young boy lived in this house years ago so my son must have found his play area in the woods! I wonder if any other goodies are laying around there! The most interesting find was the stainless steel kitchen utensil. I am not sure what exactly it is used for, any ideas?

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  1. Quite an interesting hobby - and some fun finds! I'm not too sure what that kitchen utensil would be used for. Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights!

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