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It's still a pleasant surprise when we can enjoy weather in the sixties or seventies this time of year here in the Blue Ridge. I still need to remind myself that I am no longer a northerner, but I'm in the south now and this weather is actually normal around here! 

Well, this past week, when the forecast was in the seventies, I piled all five kiddos into the car and hit the park. I think my boys are getting tired of metal detecting our backyard so they were begging for a change of pace. This particular park allows detecting so my boys had their gear in the car faster than I could say, "don't forget to put back your plugs after you dig!"


My Garrett detectorist (age 9) did NOT pay attention during the last GPAA session on getting to know your metal detector. "Dig everything" was the mantra. Tsk, tsk, this is all he found. 

Hey, it's more than what I left the park with that I didn't come in with, which was a crying baby and cranky toddler.

Check out what my Tesoro detectorist (age 10) found. He DID dig everything and found more than money. The necklace chain was showing up as iron for my Garrett detectorist so he didn't dig, but my Tesoro detectorist decided to take a chance. In addition to the money and chain, he found a few more pieces of broken jewelry. 

Not bad for about an hour of detecting!

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