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What a week. What a Christmas. We live several states away from family so visiting them for Christmas does not happen every year. Actually, we started a tradition back when we first started having kids that we would go up and visit every other year. This was one of our years to stay home. Sigh. We've started our own traditions here on the home front, so it was nice to be in our own home on Christmas morning. 

As far as homeschooling- we took a break this week and look forward to getting back into the swing of things after the New Year. I had planned to take it easy (as much as you can with both an infant and toddler to take care of!) this week and had *planned* to schedule the next few months of school. It's the end of the week now, and I only have January planned! But, to be honest, that's okay with me. Things change so fast around here that planning one month in advance is plenty. 

I took a different approach this time around. Usually, I have a list of subjects hanging on the wall for each child to cross off once they finish their work. When the list is done- school is done. Easy, right?
Well, it used to be easy but now, with the addition of younger ones to the mix I need to be more organized.

It started getting crazy when one child would be working on math and they would be tugging on my shoulder asking me which page they were supposed to do while I was reading with another child and they were begging me to only read "half" of the assigned pages for the day. Soooo, I have been busy this week, writing out, in detail, every. single. page number, spelling list and reading assignment on a calender for each child so they will know ahead of time what exactly is required each day, which days are half days and which days they have off.  I plan to stick to this the best I can but have left room for a little wiggle room, of course. I also was sure to write it all in pencil, for my sanity in case I do need to make some changes here or there. Maybe most homeschooling parents do this on a regular basis- but this is a new thing for me.

My two oldest boys are starting their new grades after the New Year with my oldest starting middle school, yikes! I look forward to another amazing homeschool year. My seventh to be exact! 
 How long have you been homeschooling? 
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