Melting Chocolate with a Magnifying Glass

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In our study of the sun this week, the kids had a science experiment where they had to melt chocolate using a magnifying glass. We all know the concept. Of course, when I think of it, I think of little boys frying ants on the sidewalk. 

Chocolate is definitely a much more productive and humane way to stir up your child's curiosity without having to kill a living creature. Although, I'm sure some little boy out there would argue that you could do both; aka chocolate covered ants.

I'll stick with just the chocolate.

I handed each one of the kids a large magnifying glass (taken out of an old projection TV) and some chocolate. Of course, if you look under the chocolate you will see that we simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to make s'mores- so yes, that IS a graham cracker!

My second grader went to her room and found the most sunny spot she could- above is her set up- she was determined to melt that chocolate!

Below, is how my fourth and sixth grader set up theirs in their room. All of them directed the light perfectly onto the chocolate but who do you think was able to melt theirs first?

It was.....

(Drum roll please)

The second grader! 
Hers looked like the picture below in only five minutes.
In the morning.
In the middle of winter.
I almost want to label this picture- 

These are your eyes. These are your eyes when you look directly at the sun. Any questions?

If anything though, I am sure my kids were able to gain a survival skill in this lesson somewhere.

Back to the s'mores.

The kids were excited to reap one of the benefits of  having wood heat in the winter. Sticks. Marshmallows. The whole nine yards.

Another reason I love homeschooling. A perfect excuse to have s'mores in the winter, on a school day, in my living room! HTML
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