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I checked the weather in Mexico today. It was hotter here in Virginia than it was in Mexico. Just saying. I tell myself that I am preparing myself for the heat in Mexico with this crazy ninety degree heat here at home but who am I kidding. Here, I live within an hour's drive of three lakes, piles of rivers with killer swimming holes AND a water park. And yes, I utilize them all! With five energetic children I appreciate having options. And since we will be here in the states a few more months, why not get the most out of it? Whether the saying is kick up or kick back your heels, I honestly cannot remember because it's not really a luxury I generally have time for.

Believe it or not, I was able to sit back, relax and enjoy a lazy river recently at Wet' n Wild Emerald Pointe in Greensboro, NC. That's right, my husband offered to watch the little ones while I ventured with a friend to take the older three and one of their friends. It was a blast. And, yes, it was relaxing. Seriously. Even with three kids. I truly had a good time and did not feel constantly stressed.

One bonus that lifted a burden off my shoulders was having our own private cabana. This gave me a sense of security for several reasons. First of all, if anyone got lost, they knew to go back and meet at the cabana. Fortunately this never happened but it was reassuring knowing that my kids knew what to do and where to go in case we ever were separated. Secondly, it was a safe place to store our valuables. It was nice to have a personal locker where we could store our keys, wallets and phones. Thirdly, we had guaranteed shade. We honestly were out and about exploring the rest of the park most of the time that we did not spend too much time here but it was a good resting place when we needed it. 

We were sure to arrive right at 10 am when the park opened in hopes to beat the long lines. And, to give ourselves the whole day to enjoy ourselves. If we are going to go, we might as well make  a day of it! One complaint that I have of theme parks in general are the long lines. Sometimes it is worth it. Other times not so much. At Wet' n Wild the lines never have to be a problem. Why? Because there are so many non-line options that you choose from if the lines ever seem to be unbearable. Not only do they have a pool that you can go and relax when you want to get away from it all but they also have the wave pool, kiddie splash areas and a pirate ship pool that is deep enough for older kids (and adults) can enjoy. Sure, they might get crowded at times but even on a Saturday, which was when we were there, it never seemed unbearable or uncomfortably crowded.

Even the lazy river, which does have a line, was a pleasant
experience. Which is an amazing surprise considering how crowded Saturdays are. It seemed as though there was an unlimited supply of tubes (I seriously think there is) so nobody had to wait too long for a tube and once you were in it was relaxing, refreshing and enjoyable. The only negative was, the kids wanted to only go around once and then hit the bigger slides so our relaxing experience only lasted but a bit.

Overall, our experience was enjoyable. I conquered the 70 foot drop of The Daredevil Drop, got tumbled in the wave pool and beat my kids down the Riptide Racer. We definitely would have stayed until closing but got rained out- which was not a problem though, we packed in as much as we could in the hours that we were there!
I highly recommend this place for families. I did not take my little ones but honestly, I would have no problem bringing them in the near future because there are so many options for little ones that are equally enjoyable for the adults.

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Have fun and make some memories!

Disclaimer: This post was made possible thanks to Wet N Wild Emerald Pointe. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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