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Before reaching our final destination on our Canada to Mexico trip we made a quick stop in Houston, Texas. After an eventful evening in New Orleans, Louisiana, we made our way to iT'Z Family Food and Fun, Willowbrook loacation. Our plan was to reach the area in the mid-afternoon giving us plenty of time to enjoy all the fun and games (and food!) it had to offer but thanks to the wonderful construction we met right outside of Houston we didn't arrive until about seven. Fortunately, their dinner buffet is open from 11am until 8pm so we had plenty of time to feast on a wide variety of goodies! I wasn't sure what to expect with a pizza buffet but we were all pleasantly surprised. We all enjoyed the variety of pizzas offered, the salad fixings were awesome and the pita and hummus was delightful! Of course a kid-friendly buffet is never complete without a good side of macaroni and cheese. I couldn't resist. 

There are so many options to choose from as far as where to sit. There is seating right near the buffet with a bar for parents to enjoy. There is also a movie theater room where a movie is always playing with plenty of seating for families to eat and enjoy a show. We chose the dining area with a play place for the little ones with TVs that had kid-friendly shows playing. While the buffet is open, you can enjoy endless fountain drinks. Once it closes, the drink machines remain open but the cups are put away. If you still want to enjoy the drinks you can purchase large plastic iT'Zs cup that can double as a neat souvenir to take home! I loved the variety of the different cups so each kid knew whose cup was whose!

 The games, rides and bowling are open until 11 pm so we had plenty of time to have fun. We ate when we first got there and then headed out to the game rooms!

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There are two video game rooms. This room, that my kids are pictured in, is the one that you can use your card for to receive unlimited play time. There is a wide variety of games from a large screen Pacman game to Guitar Hero and plenty of racing games. The other room has games that uses points. Most use up 2 to 6 points on your card when you play them. Then, if you win, "tickets" are stored on your card so before you leave you can redeem them for prizes. 

The rides are pretty impressive. The bumper cars brought me back to my childhood. It was a blast being able to enjoy this ride with my kids! Additionally, there is a roller coaster that you can see from the front window when you visit the Willowbrook location, which is where we were. I was hesitant at first but I finally decided to go for it. It was awesome, and my boys loved it! I wasn't convinced that my eight year old was quite ready for it. I am sure kids younger than her go on it but I just didn't think it was for her. You would have to see it in action and make your own decision for your own kids. She wasn't disappointed though. She actually enjoyed the Monkey Jump instead which is a cute ride that even my two year old could ride, but entertaining enough that my eight year old enjoyed it too. It is similar to a ride we have at our local fair but it is geared towards a younger age bracket. 

There certainly was plenty to do for every age level from my toddler playing in the play area while we ate to me riding a roller coaster and my husband playing in the game room with the kids. It was never a dull moment. We spent three and a half hours at iT'Z and could have easily spent more. It is the perfect place for a party, gathering or day out with the family if you are looking for something to do that wouldn't be dependent on the weather. 

My oldest son said his favorite part of the evening was the bowling! The facilities were clean, neat and welcoming. There was plenty of seating for the whole family including comfortable couches and convenient tables right by your lane. There were several people bowling near us and everyone we met was warm and friendly which made the experience even more pleasant. 

On our way out, the kids pooled their "tickets" together and got some fun prizes. I was pretty impressed with the quality of some of the prizes. Then I found out that you can keep track of your "tickets" on your card over multiple visits and wait until you have enough points to get what you want.  

I would love to visit iT'Z again next time we are in the Houston area. The kids were never bored and the food was great. It was a fun family experience and a perfect destination amidst our travels. The staff was friendly and welcoming and the facilities were clean. Be sure to go out of your way to visit if you are ever in the area!

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