Watch Ya' Mouth 90's Edition {Review}

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How is your holiday shopping going? This year we are taking a break from loads and loads of gifts and are keeping it simple. You probably would not think that I am a big spender for the holidays but that is not true. I love to shop year 'round stocking up on all the good deals that I find. I might purchase a gift my son asked for only $3.00 when it cost $60.00 new. Just because I am thrifty doesn't mean my kids don't get some pretty sweet gifts! That said, even though I am throttling back this year, we are still having some fun  and since I've had the chance to review some intriguing products I have let the kids have a go at them a bit early. 

This week, Monday through Wednesday, I will post a fun new product each day that is sure to put a smile on your face. After taking a break on turkey day, I'll share my final gift review on Friday complete with a giveaway! Are you ready to check out the first product?

Watch Ya' Mouth 90s Edition will take you back to a brighter, more simple time when Scrunchies were cool and Marky Mark was a musician. With the 90s bundle, you get twice the content and nostalgia for days! That's tight, yo!

VOTED BY FANS: 90's version exists because of YOU!
From the company that made Watch Ya' Mouth, the top selling, original, award-winning party card game. Watch Ya' Mouth: 90's Edition combines the game play you've come to know and love with the nostalgia of all things 90's

Wild phrases such as "Billy Ray's Mullet" and "Gameboy" will bring it all back for a night of dope fun!

3-10 players wear cheek retractors and speak out 90's phrases while teammates guess what they are saying

Includes 300+  phrases. Intended for adults and kids ages 8+

Our Experience

When the game first arrived my kids were not quite sure what to think. Once we opened it, put the retractors in our mouth and got over how hilarious everyone looked, we got down to business. 

My kids could not get enough of this game. We did several rounds together and they simply had a blast. The retractors come in different colors and sizes so you might need to test a few out before you start to make sure you find one that fits just right. If you choose one that is too small, you won't have a challenging enough time trying to sound out the 90's phrases. If you take one that is too large you risk having it fly out of your mouth and across the room the second you attempt to utter your first syllable. 

Now even though I agree that the concept of the game is perfect for ages 8 through adult I am not convinced all of the cards are completely appropriate for that age. My kids ages 8-11 loved the game but I did have to make sure that I removed certain cards such as Monica Lewinsky, because I certainly am not going to try to explain that one to them. 

Overall, this is a great gift if you are not germ conscience and do not mind wiping down the retractors after each game. My kids could not get enough of this and even though they might not understand all of the humor, the game itself is humorous so it makes up for the fact that they weren't a child of the 90's!


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