A Trip To Seaworld (Review)

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As we traveled to the San Antonio area we made sure to plan a visit to SeaWorld San Antonio. How could we not?! Ever since my daughter developed a love for dolphins she has been wanting to see a SeaWorld dolphin show! Whenever she would see dolphins, whether at Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach or South Padre Island, all she would talk about was wanting to see one up close, like at SeaWorld. She got her wish! As soon as we arrived, we checked the schedule and made sure we knew exactly when and where the dolphin show was so we could get good seats!

Before we entered the park, we made a stop to the SeaWorld Pet Kennels and dropped off our dog. Yes, we were traveling with a dog! Sometimes that can be a bit troublesome but we are thankful that having a dog did not hinder us from being able to visit SeaWorld while we were traveling. Directly outside of the park, they provide a free kennel. Awesome, right? They have bowls you can borrow and a hose to fill up your water dish but you will need to provide your own food. 

They suggest that you come back and check on your pet throughout the day to make sure they have enough water. We came and checked on him while we had a picnic lunch near the parking lot. 

Though they do have rides and exhibits with different animals such as penguins and sea turtles, the highlight was certainly the different shows presented throughout the day. The kids loved finding good seats and enjoying the productions. My kids all loved the "Sea Lion High" performance. It was cute, well thought out and had a few surprises here and there that the kids enjoyed (most involving large amounts of water). As a Christian blogger, I will note that some of my readers might want to be informed that in this performance there is a cross dresser and the comment, "Oh, she is such a drag." I know the drag queen reference went right over my kids heads but I thought I should make a note of it nonetheless.

 We arrived early enough in the day that the lines were not too long for the rides. The roller coasters were a big hit in our family. My older two boys had a blast, as did I! Even my four-year-old found a kid-friendly roller coaster that he could ride. 

For the younger ones, there was an entire play area with a spray park, merry-go-round and kid-friendly rides that even my youngest could enjoy! 

After visiting the penguins (twice!), we made our way over to the dolphin show! My kids were excited to pick out where to sit and could not wait for the show to begin. All of my kids, ages 2 through 12 enjoyed the show. It was fast-paced, engaging, and entertaining. All of my kids, my daughter especially was so thrilled to see dolphins so close!

The announcer for the show shared her story of how she remembered when she was a kid, sitting in the audience of a SeaWorld dolphin show and having dreams of being a trainer one day. Now her dreams are being realized. She encouraged the kids in the audience who had a similar dream that it could in fact come to pass one day. 

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of our experience at this park. Though a hot day, (high 90's), there was plenty of shade or buildings to go into if you needed to cool down. The lines for the rides were never too crazy long, which is always a turn-off to a theme park. The staff were friendly, helpful and appeared to love their job. There were a wide variety of activities available for my kids to do throughout the day and at no point were any of them bored. We were unable to stay for the Sesame Street Parade although I know my kids would have loved to. If you are curious about any special events going on when you visit, be sure to check out the website

Disclaimer: I received complementary tickets in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions stated here are my own. 

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