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1998 was a rough year for me. As a college freshman, out on my own, I thought I was a Christian. I really did. Yet my life did not show any fruit. This was an intense year as I tried to figure out who I was. This was also the year that The Prince of Egypt was released in the theaters. This movie certainly didn't lead to my salvation but its debut is forever engrained in my mind. I still remember what I was doing, where I was going, and even what I purchased at a second-hand shop near my college on opening night. A group of students stood outside the local movie theater and handed out free tickets to the movie while witnessing about Jesus. "Oh, I'm already a Christian," I replied after taking the ticket. The two teens just glanced at each other, smiled, and engaged in a conversation with me and my friend. There I stood with a shaved head, tattoos, a spiked necklace, ungodly clothing, and goth-style make-up claiming to be a Christian. I wish I could look back and say I was a Christian and they shouldn't have judged my outward appearance but who would I be kidding? I was living in sin, in rebellion, and it showed. I remember enjoying the movie with my friend that evening but what stands out the most was the encounter with these Christians. I was so lost at that time in my life, so confused, and they were willing to reach out and offer hope. That, I will never forget. 

I share all of this to say that these movies are an excellent way to reach the lost. Some skeptics say that Christian movies are just trying to reach the Christian community. To take their money. Well, it doesn't have to be this way. We as Christians can reach out to our community and host a showing. We can buy tickets and hand them out. We can pray and ask God what he wants us to do. Right now, a new film is in the works similar to The Prince of Egypt only highlighting the life of David! My kids love movies such as these. The Prince of Egypt and Joseph King of Dreams are classics in our home that we watch over and over again. I am so excited to add a new one to the collection!

David is one of the most inspiring characters in human history. Warrior, poet, shepherd, and king, David’s life is one of incredible color and energy. It’s the ultimate underdog story. It's about much more than a shepherd boy who took on a giant. It’s a story that can inspire a generation to live more courageously, and love more generously. It has the power to change us.

Sunrise Productions is raising money to fund an incredible new animated feature film about the David of the Bible! Think of how The Chosen was startedall through a crowdfunding campaign. Now we get to be a part of it!

Sunrise Animation Studios has embarked on the ambitious journey of making an epic animated movie about David with the humor, music, and adventure of modern films paired with the biblical authenticity of The Passion of the Christ or The Prince of Egypt. David’s life was defined by his courage, faith, and his love for God, while his fallible, relatable humanity has resonated across cultures and generations. David will tell a story that is authentic to scripture, and yet also a wildly adventurous and entertaining epic movie to appeal to every culture! We are creating what we believe will become the most-viewed animated film of all time, by telling the story of David as you’ve never seen it before. Support The David Movie through its fundraising project and become a part of history!


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 autographed copy of The Viiith (8th) Son by Phil Cunningham⁠—the story of David!

This giveaway is limited to US winners only. 

Disclosure: Many thanks to Sunrise Animation Studios for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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