Sons of Thunder: Redemption Premieres on January 13

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Have you seen the Sons of Thunder series on Pure Flix? If not, now is the time to binge-watch because a new spin-off of the series releases on January 13!

Burnt out on romance movies or action series that I have to turn off after the first ten minutes due to language, this show had been incredible to watch. It is clean, filled with suspense, and heartwarming at the same time.

The first episode brings you to a border town in Mexico which is not for the faint of heart. 

Throughout America, we hear about the border, the cartel, and the conflict. The question is, what is it like to be in the middle of it? This show introduces you to Simon, a former gang member turned Christian running from those he betrayed while living his former lifestyle.

He is faced with the cartel almost immediately, so how will he handle it? Quoting Scripture often as a new convert, you quickly learn to appreciate his childlike faith. One point he made early in the episode was when he met a father and son protecting their property from illegal immigrants crossing the border. The father says they need to protect the sheep, and Simon responds, "there are sheep on both sides." 

This spoke to me. Some of you know that I shut down my blog for a year before the pandemic, but most of you do not know why. To protect the identities and to be sensitive of those we served, I didn't post on here where we served or who we were serving, but I will say this; The Lord led our family of seven, including a nine-month-old at the time, to a cartel-controlled border town in Mexico. That's right, Mexico. Not on the Texas side but on the Mexican side. To this day, when I name the Mexican city, people's eyes widen, and all they can say is, "what about the cartel?"

Yes, the cartel was alive and well where we were. It was dangerous. Americans were kidnapped months before our arrival. We sat and heard stories of local Mexicans kidnapped, beaten, and then released after they were given what they wanted. The police couldn't help; some of them were cartel as well. It was an intense experience, but God was with us because He called us, and we saw Him move in mighty ways. All this to say, the first episode of this show spoke to me. This series as a whole is incredible, but this first episode tugged at my heart because I could relate. Simon goes into dangerous situations to help others, praying that God would be with him, so powerful.  

What I learned in my experience was that even though many churches line the border in Texas, few church members were willing to go across the border. I understand that it is dangerous, but there is also a need. There are people who need to hear the gospel and lives have been changed by those willing to cross. I'm not saying everyone needs to go to Mexico; we need to follow the leading of the Lord in all that we do, but Jesus does command us to go, and there are clearing some that are running from their specific call. My prayer is that those who are called would stop running like Jonah (as was referenced in the second episode) and answer the call. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few!

This series shows us that God can use anyone. Even a biker-guy like Simon who seems improbable but doesn't God use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise? Where is God calling you? The trailer park down the road? The section eight housing in the next city over? Your work? Your family? Be inspired by Simon who allows the Lord to use him and let the Lord use you! 

Watch the trailer for “Sons of Thunder: Redemption” here.

Additional information is available at Pure Flix.

Disclaimer: I received a free subscription to Pure Flix for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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