Sharing God's Big Love with Little Lives (Review and Giveaway)

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Sharing God’s Big Love with Little Lives by Jean Thomason shares how to better communicate with little ones about knowing, loving, and praising God. If you are looking for a baby shower gift for a new mom, look no further. This book is a spiritual toolkit for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to refer to again and again!

How I would have loved to have this in my early years as a mother. Fortunetly though, I am in the thick of parenting my "second batch" of kids so in addition to my teens, I have a preschooler and younger elementary-aged child. I was absolutely soaking in every word of this book!

Using Scripture, humorous anecdotes, and insightful research, this book offers fresh ideas and enthusiastic encouragement to help you guide your little ones. I loved how often the author referred to the Scriptures as she was sharing. Not only did she use the Bible as a teaching tool but she shared how she applied certain Scriptures in her parenting over the years.

Raising little ones is hard, and knowing that you are not alone in your struggles is so refreshing! I appreciated how candid she was as she shared. She never gave the impression that she was better than anyone else because she has had years of experience. Rather, she was personable and made the reader feel that if God could help her when things were tough, He could help you as well! That is the sign of a true leader. I appreciate her humility and honesty which allowed God to speak through her in this book.

You can absolutely tell that her heart is to not only help children grow, but to help parents grow in the Lord as well. As an audiobook, you can listen to this in the car, while you are making dinner, or doing chores.

I listened to this while pulling my six-year-old's clothes out of my four-year-old's dresser drawers and vice-versa, while finding several pieces of clothing that clearly should have been in the laundry room. There were a billion other things I would have rather been doing at that moment. Sifting through clean clothes only to find dirty ones was not on the top of my list. Yet, listening to this audiobook while doing the seemingly mundane helped take the pressure off. Filled with Scripture and encouragement, this book is an absolute blessing!

Sharing God's Big Love with Little Lives can equip you with the skills necessary to help guide your child as they grow to be all God has created them to be! Hear what others have to say about this incredible book:

“This is a terrific message from a trusted source. Families will be encouraged, instructed,  and empowered”! —Max Lucado, Pastor and Best-Selling Author 

I know of no one with a greater understanding of how to reach the hearts of little ones than Jean. She embraces this as a high calling and the fruit she has to share will enrich your  life.” —Sheila Walsh, Author, Recording Artist, Speaker (Women of Faith)

Jean BIG LOVE speaking from in:ciite on Vimeo.

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About the Author: Jean Thomason has more than 30 years of experience as a musical performer, worship leader, author, and conference speaker to parents, grandparents, teachers,  and children’s ministers. She is the living embodiment of the joyful children’s musical character, “Miss PattyCake”. Through this brightly costumed character, Jean plants biblical truths, served in fun toddler-size pieces, while helping equip parents to lay a spiritual foundation for their children. Her live “Miss PattyCake” family events are performed throughout  God’s great big world. 
In her latest book "Sharing God's BIG LOVE with Little Lives", Jean shares her insight gleaned from her 20+ years in children's ministry.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Jean Thomason for providing a sample of the product for this review.

Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. 

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