Channie’s My First Pencils and My First Letters (A Timberdoodle Review)

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I was first introduced to Channie's at a homeschool convention. I walked by the booth and saw their materials sitting out and thought to myself, "That is exactly what I need!" Thinking about my younger boys, I knew they needed to work on their writing skills; there was no doubt in my mind. The woman running the booth was talking to someone else, and as soon as she turned to me, I think she was shocked that I was already ready to buy. She did not have to explain the product. It spoke for itself. She didn't even have to give me the price. I was already pulling out my cash. This is not common for me at a homeschool convention! I usually will walk by a booth several times, talk to the representative some of the times, and then still wait until the last possible minute to make any purchases. Not with this. I knew this was a practical resource that I wanted my youngest son to work on right away. 

I fell in love with their workbooks so much that I simply had to try them out with my other son. The initial one was for my preschooler but what I have pictured here is what his first-grade brother worked on. He really needed to go back to the basics and work on his letter formation again. Using Channie's My First Pencils along with Channie's My First Letters, he worked on perfecting his letters and his pencil grip in just a few weeks.  

Even though these products are found in the Timberdoodle PreK Curriculum Kit. My six-year-old needed the extra practice, and he truly gravitated toward these worksheets. I realized that he appreciated the simplicity of it. Even though he is working on more difficult work in his other subjects, having this remedial work available for him was therapeutic because it was easy and fun. Please don't tell him that it really was work! He truly looked at it as a fun activity book!

The thickness of the pencils made it easy to grip. The pack came with four, and he chooses to use these instead of the standard #2 that I have sitting around the house. If I ask him to go grab a pencil for a project he is working on, this is what he grabs. He loves the feel, look, and simplicity of them. 

I love the progression of the pages. They begin with tracing a letter and then move on to more independent letter creation. Many workbooks simply have a letter that you are to copy, but that can be too abstract for children first learning how to form their letters. This method is simple and effective for young children and, in my case, older ones working on perfecting their writing skills. 

These workbooks and pencils are affordable and great to have in your school room for the younger ones! I love having these around!

Disclaimer: I received the above product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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