Timberdoodle High School Planner and IQ Six Pro (Review)

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Welcome to a new school year! I know some of you school year-round, but even when I school throughout the summer, this time of year is the time I often implement new curriculum, methods, and routines. Personally, I am prone to purchasing planners for each of my kids each summer. I know it is near impossible to stick to it religiously, but it gives us all a sense of stability. My ninth grader is the one that thrives off checklists the most, which is perfect because included in his 9th Grade Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit was the Timberdoodle High School Planner.

The first thing I'd like to point out is that a digital planner is available too. When you purchase your kit, you receive access to the online version of the planner. It is completely different than the paper version and is great for the student that does well with digital reminders. You, the parent, type in the required coursework based on the curriculum kit that you are using. Since these kits are customizable, you are able to not only customize based on what was used within Timberdoodle, but if you have outside coursework that you are using, you can easily add that in too. My son is a pen-and-paper kind of kid, so even though I fell in love with the digital version, I knew this beautiful paper version would serve him best. 

The physical homeschool planner is pretty straightforward. While including core subjects such as language arts and math, it also leaves room for extra coursework that the parent can pencil in. My son is self-motivated and determined to complete each day's work before lunch. He has always been this way, and now that he is in High School, it is not always so easy. More work is required from him, but sometimes he will wake up early, grab his planner, see what needs to be done, and works hard at it! If he doesn't finish before lunch, he usually is done shortly afterward.

He loves when I include hands-on activities and games into his routine. Having these challenging yet fun activities on the checklist helps to ease the stress of the more difficult coursework. IQ Six Pro is a challenging one-player game included in his kit. 

He enjoys breaking this out and working on it, and then marking it off his checklist. It gives him a sense of accomplishment, works on his reasoning skills, and provides an element of fun within the school day. Puzzles are not my strength, but I truly believe it is a skill that can be perfected over time. This particular game comes with many different puzzles to complete. He has always out-puzzled me, and now this will only strengthen his game!

With so many different solutions, this is an activity that can be spread across several months, with one solution being assigned per day. I highly recommend adding it to your homeschool routine!

Disclaimer: The above products were received for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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