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I am excited to introduce another one-player puzzle game called Pirates Crossfire. I have reviewed items similar to this in the past such as Horse Academy. These games are wonderful to have in the house, especially for homeschooling. Even though my kids love a good board game (Catan, anyone?), having independent games are a perfect solution when you want to separate children. While homeschooling one child, having these readily available for another one is the perfect boredom buster. Rather than turning on the television or handing your child a device (though they have their place) it is smart to be intentional about having other go-to options such as these single-player games. This game in particular is geared towards middle schoolers and is available in the Sixth-Grade Timberdoodle Kit

The primary reason it is meant for older students is because of the challenges involved in the game. These challenges are not easy. Although I let my elementary age son play with it, he simply moves the pieces around, trying to make sure all of the puzzle pieces fit. If he tries to master the challenges in the provided book, they are a bit difficult for him. Of course he is proud of himself when he does master one or two of them. I usually ask him to complete one and then let him simply "play" around with the game in his own way.

He loves using it for imaginative play while his older siblings, (middle and high schoolers) love working through the workbook challenges. If you are trying to wean your preteen or teen from video games, these are a great option. My kids never got into video games much because they prefer hands-on activities they can visually see what they have accomplished. Games such as these great this reward. They put their minds to something and work hard to accomplish their goal. 

I highly recommend this game for your pirate-loving or challenge-loving child!

Disclaimer: I received the above product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. I love single player challenge games. This looks like another good one to have on hand.

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