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Introducing a brand-new Christian cartoon streaming on Pure Flix and Yippee TV—The GardenCreated by Butch Hartman, creator of a variety of popular animated series for children. The main goal of this new series is to not only entertain, but to teach kids the Word of God.

The Garden is a Christ-centered children's cartoon series aimed at teaching your kids the gospel. It features two sweet characters, Lenny the lion and Lucy the lamb—two best friends who work inside a beautiful garden where anything can grow. Each story revolves around them accomplishing their goals by learning a Bible story, or an original song. This garden will take your kids right along on these adventures, too!

With well-known actors and actresses, The Garden using high-quality animation to present a show your kids will love. I shared this cartoon with my kindergartener and  second grader. They both loved it and were glued to the screen the whole time. My second grader was the most interested in the episodes that we watched. A few days later, he came to me and said that he realized something. It hit him that all of the four episodes that we watched, "all had a character that had a change of heart." I do not know if all 40 episodes that will be released will follow the same theme, but I love that my son picked up on this. I asked him to explain what he meant and he said that each episode had a "bad guy" who ended up "turning good." As I thought about each episode, he was right! What an excellent lesson to learn!

This was definitely one of the themes found in their Christmas episode, The Greatest Gift

A grumpy old man is feared by everyone in town, until they hear of his story, and the reason for his grumpiness. Lenny and Lucy are an entertaining pair to watch in this faced-paced, educational and entertaining episode. 

Just in time for Christmas, Garden Productions are offering this episode at the discounted price of only $1.99. Included with your purchase is a free curriculum download.  

Overall, my children loved this episode and are looking for more episodes to be released. When my pre-teen watched it, she enjoyed it, but gave me the side-eye when she saw that God came down as a rainbow. This happens several times per episode as Lenny and Lucy call God on their cell phone and He responds as a rainbow. Note, the rainbow, is the true rainbow, with all of the traditional colors. The pride rainbow is different—excluding indigo. This must be intentional. My thought is that the producers are trying to take back the true meaning of the rainbow. Good for them. It seems like a bold move. I just hope that the intent was not to draw non-Christians in and hit them with the gospel, which is a method that we have seen over the years is compromising and ineffective.  

Check out the Christmas episode today and see how the "bad guy" has a change of heart as my son so effectively pointed out. Purchase it now for a discounted rate to snuggle up with your kids and watch this heart-warming episode today. 

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Disclosure: Many thanks to Garden Productions for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.


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