Mand Labs Premium Kit (A Timberdoodle Review)

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An incredible addition to my son's ninth grade curriculum this year has been the Mand Labs Premium Kit. This truly is electronics at its best. This high-quality kit is complete with over 165 components. What makes this kit unlike anything we have ever used in our homeschool is it comes with an actual curriculum. That's right. It has two books with detailed activities—over sixty of them. 

Ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging, my ninth grader found this to be more challenging and educational than any other kit he had tried in the past. Not to mention, one of the first lessons had him stick a nine volt battery on his tongue. Being all boy, and a risk taker, he loved it and couldn't believe that was part of his school that day. 

In a day and age where computers and technology are on the rise, learning the basics of electronics is key. I love how this kit makes it fun yet it is educational. Oftentimes in our homeschool we know that we have the freedom to add in extra educational activities but we do not know where to begin, or where to find the materials. Using Mand Labs is the perfect solution to make sure you are filling in the gaps in your homeschool. I remember taking a short half semester course in electronics in high school and loved it. Maybe it was because it was a nice break from the same old, same old. Maybe it was because my teacher was super interesting. Or maybe it was because I was a geek at heart. Considering I am a blogger in my adult life, I would say it was the former. 

Another bonus about this kit is that is brings siblings together. As soon as my ninth grader sets it up on the dining room table, his little brother in second grade is right there ready to learn along with him. Even though it is geared towards high schoolers, younger ones can absolutely sit in during these lessons and watch and learn. His older brother even is able to work on his teaching skills while teaching him how to work through some of the easier lessons. What better way to learn something than to teach it? Homeschooling truly opens the doors to so many possibilities. 

This kit is filled with a variety of projects that bring education to life in so many ways. I highly recommend using this in your homeschool for your child that loves hands-on activities. I will also mention that my daughter in junior high often asks to use this kit as well. She is intrigued by the activities and loves hands-on learning too. 

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Timberdoodle for providing this product in exchange for an honest review. 

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