The WORST Advice You Could Ever Give

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What is the absolute worst advice that you could ever give someone?

Google it.

No, I am not telling you to Google the answer. Google it, my friends, is the worst possible response that could ever be given or received.

Here, someone is coming to you looking for advice, suggestions, experience, or an opinion. Do you honestly think that this person does not know that Google exists? They are coming to you because they value your opinion, your views, and your thoughts. Responding by telling them to Google it could mean one of two things. 

One, it is possible that you honestly don't know so you are innocently telling them what you would do. You would Google it. But think about how that response sounds. It can make the person asking the question feel bad for asking. It would be comparable to asking a grocery store clerk where the mayonnaise is and he tells you it is in the store. Wow. Thanks, clerk. I know it is in the store. I have purchased it here before, I am simply trying to find which aisle, or section of the store it is in. If you don't know, just tell me you don't know or direct me to someone whom you think does.

Or, it could be that you don't want to bother with giving the person an answer. You might have walked through something and they are looking to be heard and understood, and rather than taking the time to talk with them, you respond with "Google it." This is basically a slap in the face.

All Google is, is a database of information collected by people. Living, breathing, intelligent people. Wouldn't you rather sit down with those that have experience and expertise, and glean from them? This is why podcasts are all the rage. Why MasterClass online classes are so popular. This is why educational webinars are a huge marketing tool. People value what others have to offer.

This response was not even an option some thirty years ago. Sure, people would visit libraries and bookstores to find out the Blue Book value of their vehicles or to research local historical questions that piqued their curiosity. For most everything else, they would seek out an expert in the field in question.

Conversations were the norm. They were valued. 

Let's bring back conversation. Let's enjoy one another's company and not push each other away. We are all guilty of this in one way or another, but let us remember that we all have something valuable to offer the world. Our opinions, experiences, and advice count. We are created in God's image and we have value. So do our thoughts and our words. 

In five or ten years from now (or less) will the go-to response be ask GPT-Chat?

Asking AI is basically asking Google. It just now has a more personalized feel.

Why is this concerning? We are created in the image of God. Evolutionary theory has crept into the minds and values of many Christians (believe it or not). The next step of evolution leads to AI. Yes, many evolutionists believe that the next step of human evolution points towards AI. Heartless, soulless, lifeless, AI.

Is the Internet useful and valuable? Sure, it is. Does AI have it's place, absolutely. But, let us savor and enjoy the relationships we have. Whether they are in person, virtually, or over email or text. AI should never replace that. Be responsive to those reaching out to you for help, advice, and suggestions. Know your value. Know your worth. Engage and be willing to be engaged. 

And when someone asks you a question, remember that they chose to ask you over Google so be thankful and take the time to enjoy the interaction!

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