Harlem Globetrotters 2023

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We have a new family tradition. Even though we are not huge into sports, the Harlem Globetrotters have become an annual favorite in our household. My kids love the excitement, entertainment, and twists and turns that show up at one of these events. The crowd was much larger this year than last and the excitement level was through the roof.

Two in my family have sensory issues so earplugs were a must, but that didn't hinder the entire family from having a great time. One aspect of this year's event that made it stand out from the rest was the interaction with the audience. In addition to the entertaining stunts such as standing on the basketball rim—the team members got the audience involved. It was hilarious. I won't spoil the entire show for you but one of my favorites was when one of the team members grabbed a man's popcorn and began eating it. He was totally caught off guard. Then, the audience was caught off guard when fifteen minutes later, a team member presented him with a HUGE replacement bag of popcorn (see below.) So funny.

The flips and tricks were fun to watch and kept my kiddos entertained the entire time. 

At times they even brought some of the kids from the audience onto the court. Everyone cheered them on. 

The most surprising event of the evening was when one of the team members came and grabbed one of the children and lifted him into the air in reference to a certain movie. I am so glad it wasn't one of my kids, I have no clue how my kids would have reacted, but it was funny! Looking forward to seeing what they prepare for next year!

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Harlem Globetrotters and US Family Guide for providing tickets in exchange for this review. 

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