Kumon: My Book of Cutting {A Timberdoodle Review}

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Got littles? Be sure to add the Kumon: My Book of Cutting book to your morning routine. Whether you use a morning basket, bins, folders, or crates, this book is perfect for little hands eager to work and learn. Designed for children ages three through five, this book is essential for providing the basic skills needed for using scissors. Children can often become frustrated when they see you or older siblings cutting things out yet when they try it is an epic fail. In their mind it shouldn't be that hard! They see you do it, why can't they cut as smoothly and easily as you or their older sibling? What a perfect opportunity to teach our children that practice makes perfect. And not just practice, but stepping stones are key. They are able to learn the importance of starting small, achieving that skill and moving on to the next, building their skills and confidence step by step. These skills are important for math, writing, reading, and so many other disciplines.   

Beginning with simple and thick lines, your child practices holding their scissors correctly while following the lines for a quick, easy, and clean cut. The designs are eye-catching and colorful. From whales to hamburgers, outer space to a flower garden, your child is introduced to a variety of cutting patterns, styles, and movements while having fun. The book begins with easy tasks complete with easy instructions showing where to begin and stop. 

By the end of the book your child will have the opportunity to cut out projects that they can play with! In the beginning they are simply practicing and the papers are simply thrown away, at the end, they have useful creations that they can enjoy afterwards.

My little guy loved working on these activities while I was homeschooling his older siblings. At times his older sister would help him and at times he and I would work on it together, but most of the time he was able to work on this with minimal supervision and instruction while he stayed nearby where I was working on math or spelling with his siblings. I love having activity books like this on hand for my younger ones while I am working with the older ones on their school. This book is an absolute winner!

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Timberdoodle for providing this product in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. We had an older version of this book. My son didn't want to use it. So I set it aside for my daughter. We finally finished it. She wanted to save it till she was excellent at cutting so she wouldn't make any mistakes.

  2. This book looks so adorable the kids would love this one.
    heather hgtempaddy

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