Mose's Detective Agency (A Timberdoodle Review)

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When my daughter saw Mose's Detective Agency in this year's Timberdoodle catalog, it quickly made it to the top of her list. I don't know if you have fond memories of getting the Christmas edition of the Sear's or JC Penny's catalog as a kid, but I do. As soon as it would come in the mail (or sometimes my mom would pick it up in person at the store first!) I would have it in hand with a thick marker ready to circle what I wanted for Christmas—if my sister didn't get to it first. I don't ever remember if I actually received anything from those chicken scratches I made in the catalogs, unless it happened to be sheets or socks, but it was memorable nonetheless.

This may actually have been the first time my daughter received what she circled in one of our homeschool catalogs (our modern tradition). She was so thrilled when this came in the mail. Do any of you have children that are outgrowing their toys but they aren't quite sure what to ask for as gifts? They are too old for toys, but too young for a driver's license. What to do?

These tiny dollhouse-style kits are the perfect solution. My daughter actually has a house similar to this item and she spent hours upon hours creating it. They are all the rage these days and this Timberdoodle one is super affordable. When she got this one, she didn't waste any time looking at all of the pieces, sorting them out, and getting to work creating her new detective agency to go along with her other piece of art in her room—a mini-house.

She loved the tiny little pieces that she was able to put together from this desk to the bulletin board (classic detective movie-style) and even the cute flooring. She loved putting everything together and seeing how it came out. She wasn't thrilled that it included a pretend bottle of alcohol but she said she would just pretend it was perfume. Overall, it was everything she had hoped for—and more. 

One thing to note with kits such as these, is you often need to use more glue than what it comes with, at least my daughter does. That said, when she ran out of the glue she used a hot glue gun. Her options were Elmer's glue, a hot glue gun, and wood glue. She felt the most comfortable with the hot glue gun. It did leave a small stringy mess in the end but nothing that can't be pulled away off of the little pieces if she wants. 

So, no, those are not faux cobwebs on those bottom drawers, it's hot glue! This gift was a win-win for my young teenaged daughter. If you are looking for a gift for a tween or young teen, this is it. It provides hours of entertainment and a quality piece of artwork to showcase when all is said and done. Order your Mose's Detective Agency whether you teen loves mysteries, dollhouses, or anything in between.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Timberdoodle for providing the above product in exchange for an honest review. 

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  1. I enjoyed reading this review. The kids would love so much.
    heather hgtempaddy

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