Cats and Boxes Game (A Timberdoodle Review)

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Cats & Boxes  is another incredible game available from Timberdoodle that is perfect for your homeschool. One player games are great to have on hand when homeschooling multiple children. This year is the most intense (and wonderful) homeschool year yet. I have a senior in high school that will be graduating this spring  plus I have a first grader that is in the beginning stages of his home education journey. All I can say is, it is intense and lovely at the same time. Our family has been doing this since the beginning so you would think it would be a breeze but there is always so much to learn. 

One thing that has never changed in all the years of homeschooling is the fact that games are at the top of our list of boredom busters. My kids have never really been huge fans of video games, though they do play them occasionally. Rather, board games are a huge hit—for them and for me. 

I personally am a fan of Cats & Boxes because having single player games on hand for little ones while I teach my older ones is literally a game changer. 

First of all, these cats are super adorable. I love the material they are made of. Super strong and durable. To be honest, I was surprised how well my first grader took to this game. He loves to play with his siblings but sometimes he just needs his own alone time. This game is perfect for that. Being in a busy, bustling, household with constant noise and activity from homestead life, this game helps him to settle down, focus, and enjoy pretend play—with a purpose. 

So how do you play? This game comes with various "levels" where the player tries to set up the board where the cats are inside (or outside of) the boxes in ways that all of the pieces fit. My son is able to play this without assistance and it keeps him entertained when he needs an educational (yet fun) activity. 

I was surprised how engaging this was for my son. I thought my older daughter would be interested but I realized that this is more for the younger learner. I would say ages 10 and under. I have become a huge fan of these Smart Games and think they are perfect for any homeschool!

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Timberdoodle for providing the above product in exchange for this review. 

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