Daily 6-Trait Writing: Grade 2 (Timberdoodle Review)

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Is writing a chore in your homeschool? Every age and every stage certainly has its struggles so why not add in writing in a quick, simple, and non-evasive way. In only a few minutes a day, I have been using the Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 2 as part of our routine. This workbook is part of Timberdoodle's Second Grade Kit. What I love about this workbook is that it is all-in-one. Within one single book you have the worksheets needed for your child, the scope and sequence, weekly lesson plans, four worksheets per week, writing prompts, assessments, and answer keys. Everything is included to teach your second grader how to write—all in a fun way. 

It's all there. You do not need to be a writer to effectively teach your child. This resource is simply open-and-go. Even if you are a writer, teaching a child to write is a completely different ballgame—especially when dealing with certain learning challenges. This book presents age-appropriate writing activities, sequentially, so your child gains confidence in his writing skills. This book is scripted so no (or very little) prep is required from the parent. This is a perfect resource to fill in the learning gaps. Have on hand for an emergency so grandparents or babysitters could administer this if you are ill or out-of-town unexpectedly. Maybe you are sick or pregnant. Moving or going through a life change and your typical school days are not so typical. Use this resource to ensure your second grader is getting the practice in that he needs. 

You could use this book the same way that I am—in addition to our current writing curriculum. I have this book on hand for morning time (some use a morning basket) so that daily writing skills can be attained. 

In the front of the book, you find a scoring rubric, based on the six traits writing model to assess your student's writing. This is the perfect model for parents hesitant about grading or scoring their student's writing material, even in other subjects. This works as an excellent framework, or foundation, in a child's writing. The six traits include:

1. Ideas

2. Organization

3. Word Choice

4. Sentence Fluency

5. Voice

6. Conventions 

This might sound intimidating but it is not! everything is laid out perfectly with short, sweet, and simple lessons for a second grader! i highly recommend adding this to your homeschool morning routine. 

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Timberdoodle for providing the product above in exchange for an honest review. 

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