Leap Frog Math (PLUS Leap Day Activity Ideas)

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It's Leap Year! That means we will be able to enjoy February 29 again this year. I love the educational aspect of this day. Why does it exist? Well, we all know that it takes 365 for the earth to orbit the sun—or does it? It actually takes slightly longer, so to compensate, we need to add in an extra day every four years. 

It sure makes the 30 Days Has September Song much more clunky with the addition of Except 29 Days in a Leap Year, but I imagine it is entertaining for those who have a birthday that fall on that date. 

My son's due date was a week before February 29 several years back and we thought for sure he would be born on Leap Day. He wasn't but it has been a running joke that if he was, he would technically only be four years old this year. rather than sixteen. 

If you are looking to add Leap Day activities into your homeschool this year for younger learners, feel free to print out the worksheet below to add some fun into your day!

(Right-click, save, and print)

Looking for additional activities to try with your homeschoolers for Leap Day? Why not try one (or more) of the following?

  • Visit a Bounce House Facility
  • Go to a Trampoline Park
  • Play Leap Frog
  • Host a Leap Day Party
  • Study Animals and Insects that Leap

It only happens once every four years, that's only a few times during your homeschooling journey—make the most of it!

Happy Leap Year!


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