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The Action Bible has been around and has been available to millions of kids throughout the  world and is now available with even more interactive content. Using the graphic novel approach, this book shares stories from both the Old and New Testament in comic strip form.

Now, the Faith in Action Edition is an enhanced version of the bestselling Expanded  Edition. Vivid illustrations and short strong stories present stories from a Bible in illustration.

Rather than presenting stories to mirror Genesis to Revelation, stories are in chronological order to pull everything together chronologically.

In addition to the stories, Spiritual Growth Resources include over 200 devotionals, prayers, character stories, teaching videos timelines, maps, and Bible facts. 

This teaching tool allows kids and parents to access digital resources by scanning QR codes throughout the book.

Major themes of the Bible are highlighted throughout with icons.

Themes of the Bible are based on David C  Cook’s Bible study curriculum for kids and include: Courage, Faith, Hope,  Love, Service, Trust, and Wisdom. 

This resource presents past events in comic book format with bright and engaging colors, designs, and comic strip style drawings and layouts. 

My Thoughts

This resource arrived in bright and colorful packaging matching the cover of the book itself. As soon as you crack open the new Action Bible, you are immediately greeted by bold, and detailed drawings depicting biblical stories.  

Looking through the stories, you notice that the stories are carefully hand picked. All of the chosen stories have an element of drama.

Titles of the stories include:

The Jealous King

The Fall of Saul

Battle of the Gods

Temple Troubles

The Scheming Prince

Sibling Rivalry

A Death in the Family

The Widow's Plea


Some of the stories have a slight lighthearted feel but for the most part, the stories chosen are fairly dramatic leading to dark imagery. This book clearly brings these stories to life but in places it seems to glorify darkness with countless images portraying angry warriors, villains, and evil leaders. 

With the popularity of the contrast of light/dark in modern Christianity such as C.S. Lewis books and even the Christian allegorizing of Tolkien, Christians have become desensitized, causing them to be drawn to media of this sort. My children are not comfortable with these types of comparisons but of course everyone has their own convictions. 

This is clearly a children's book. Two of my teens are leaders at a Christian summer camp and they noticed that young kids were bringing graphic Bibles as their only source of a Bible. It was causing distractions during the teaching sessions and it did not have the verses/references for Bible study.

If you are looking for a children's book for entertainment, then this is for you. Just know that is what it is, similar to a children's Bible with select stories for young learners. What to check it out for yourself? Order a copy today or enter to win one through the Rafflecopter below! 


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Giveaway is for US mailing addresses only. Disclosure:   Many thanks to David C Cook for providing a sample of the product for this review.  Opinions are 100% my own and not influenced by monetary compensation.


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