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Teaching fractions in our homeschool doesn't need to just be a unit that we check off our list so we can simply say it has been done. It is a mental exercise that needs to be worked out. Just like we each exercise differently to stay fit, our children will need to exercise their math skills in the way that fits them best. 

For some, that will be worksheets. Looking at the fractions on paper and seeing a method to the madness, helps them to piece everything together—literally. Others, thrive with the hands-on approach using real-world math for real-world situations that they will encounter.

Each one of my children are different. With my youngest, worksheets are a thing of the past. With him, all I need to do is sit down, explain a topic, give him an example or two, and he gets it. Sure, he needs practice to build his foundation, but the simple one-on-one time with mom helps him to focus and retain. This is another reason why building trust with your child is key in the beginning stages of development. 

Check out these easy to implement fraction activities that you can incorporate right away in your homeschool to help teach your children this basic math skill!

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  1. I was not a fan of fractions as a child, but then again, I disliked math as a whole. However, I am glad to have the necessary knowledge for daily life, especially when it comes to halving or doubling recipes!

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