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Thrift Schooling

Homeschooling is a sacrifice though well worth every minute, but sometimes we need to hit the refresh button. Alone time is much needed and a date night with your spouse is, too—but what about the girls? Whether they homeschool or not, your friends are important to connect with. I can't say I prefer to hang out with my homeschooling friends more than my non-homeschooling ones, each one of my friends are a blessing in my life and I enjoy their company tremendously. It's just, my schedule tends to line up more often with other homeschooling moms so it seems I hang out with them more, it's just how it works out. When it comes to hanging out with the girls in the midst of the craziness, here are a few things that we have done over the years that brought much needed refreshing, joy, and laughter to each one of us!

  • Dinner and a Movie
  • Local Parade
  • Board Game Night
  • Women's Conference
  • Painting Class on a Lake Boat Cruise
  • Homeschool Convention
  • Kayaking
  • Buffalo Wing Night Out
  • Dinner at a Diner
  • Mexican Food Night Out
  • Coffee Shop
Again, this doesn't happen every day, or every week, or even every month. This short list is compiled from over several years spread out every few months—but much needed. There is just something about spending time with good friends. Whether you can connect over homeschooling, faith, raising children, or your past experiences growing up, these are times of refreshing and well needed. 

 In middle school I had no idea what a quality friend was. Then, I remember a sweet Christian girl would give me handwritten notes with Bible verses about friendship (such as the one above) during youth group. She could see I was starting to hang out with the wrong crowd and was trying to encourage me to seek out friends that truly cared. Each year she would sign my yearbook with friendship verses and she would always be kind to me. At the time I thought I was too good for her and looked down. Finally, I got over myself and was shocked when she began to open up and share with me some similar struggles she had gone through in middle school. She was only a year older than me but in public school, that is a big deal. My eyes were opened and I started to see things a bit differently. Over the years I have begun to understand the true value of friendship and see how a sweet friendship truly does refresh the soul. 

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  1. I can definitely see where having a date night and a girls' night would be a must.

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