Intro to Forensic Science (A Timberdoodle Review)

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Finding high school courses for your homeschool can be intimidating. Thankfully, Intro to Forensic Science from a Biblical Worldview from Timberdoodle is an easy course for homeschooling parents to incorporate into their routine. Busy parents will find that this course is super easy to administer, virtually hands-off for them. With both a teacher's guide and textbook, you will have everything you need for one credit with labs for homeschool science in either eleventh or twelfth grade. With a full 120 hours, this course is broken up into easy, bite-sized lessons that are fun, engaging, and educational. 

The text is easy read with beautiful color pictures. Exercises, labs, and extension activities are all included in the lessons. The most important difference with this curriculum is its biblical worldview. God and His principles are presented throughout the text. I love how the lessons are presented as case studies, teaching practical skills used in the workforce today. Tying in basic and complex science principles, teens learn from real-world cases, experiences, and lessons to further their understanding of the world around them. When secular concepts are presented, it is explained from a biblical perspective. 

Filled with plenty of photographs and engaging text, your child will look forward to science class each day. In addition to instructions and worksheets, the Teacher's Guide includes the Master Supply List for the labs as well as a Daily Schedule for easy administration. 

If you have a child interested in forensics, this is the perfect introduction! Give it a try!

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