Something to Stand For—In Theaters June 27

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Join America’s favorite storyteller, Mike Rowe, on an epic journey to the heart of Washington D.C. Drawing from his blockbuster podcast “The Way I Heard It,” this cinematic tour de force will take viewers to the frontlines of the American Revolution, World War II, the Civil Rights movement, and more.

My younger kids just finished learning about the American Revolution in history and Neil Armstrong in science. I mentioned to my husband that we just take a weekend trip to Washington D.C to reinforce what they have learned. He then reminded me how stressful the family field trip was when our older kids were their age. Two words sums up the stress—the subway. Oh, yes, talk about us being on edge. I always loved the thrill of big cities in my teens and twenties but travelling on the subway with kids is a completely different ballgame. So when my husband suggested to do it when they are a little older, I immediately agreed. 

What's the next best thing to visiting D.C. in person? Going on a field trip with Mike Rowe from the comfort of your local movie theater! You still get the excitement of a night out but instead of navigating masses of crowds, you simply have to make sure you leave home early enough to beat the popcorn crowd. (Just don't get there too early that you eat it all before the show starts!)

 My kids love Mike Rowe's reality show Somebody's Gotta Do It,” so when they saw the following trailer fell in line with his personality and humor, they were excited to watch this new film. Perfect for homeschoolers! #SomethingToStandForMIN

Check out the trailer today:

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