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The long-awaited, first feature film about Jesus in American Sign Language is finally here! The best part of it all is that it’s deaf led production and cast.

Buy tickets today to see JESUS: a Deaf Missions film in theaters starting June

20th! This incredible film brings Jesus to life in a way like never before. 

The story begins and ends with the upper room. What a unique approach! This retelling of the life of Jesus so beautifully ties in the roles of the disciples while showcasing the power of the salvation of early believers—ones who were there for the death and resurrection of Jesus.  

My favorite part of this movie was the woman at the well—hands down. The performance was incredible. Even though words are not spoken, the expressions of the actors draws you in and captivates you. 

Many different events from the life of Jesus are represented in this film. You will witness the leper who went to the priest after being healing by Jesus, Jesus' interaction with Nicodemus, the woman with the issue of blood (this one is a little graphic but when you have no speaking it is understandable why they were more visual than other presentations of Jesus' life), Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, Mary anointing Jesus' feet with her hair, Jesus' death and resurrection and more. 

My daughter, who is learning sign language, was watching the film and was able to pick up several signs. What a great homeschooling resource! She did make a point that the sign for Jesus was not the traditional sign. When you get to the end of the movie, you will understand why, as it is alluded to. 

Even though there is no talking, there are some sound effects. At first I wondered why they didn't sign and talk at the same time for those who are only partially deaf and can read lips until I realized the the actors were deaf themselves. It is an incredible production!

Watch the trailer below then grab your tickets today!

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Many thanks to Deaf Missions for providing a sample of the product for this review.
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