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Just a few short months ago Teddy Mountain Collinsville opened it's doors in Collinsville, VA. With three kids ages six and under, I'm always looking for fun and affordable family-friendly activities! When I saw that Teddy Mountain opened up where children can create their own plush toys, I was excited! I was even more thrilled when I found out that their prices are reasonable.
$9.99 for an 8 in plush

$12.99 for 16 in
 Choose from a wide array of different animals!

You can even make your own pillow pet, LOVE it!!
Place a little heart and/or song in your toy for a little extra charge...

My sweet little birthday girl holding up her bear
with his cute pajamas she picked out! She named him Max!
They also have a cute grooming station station to groom your little pal before you tuck them away safely in a cute carry home box or backpack! My daughter loved the box that looks like a little house for her new friend! She also has his certificate hanging on the fridge with the picture of her holding Max!

I was afraid she'd wear out the batteries because when she came home all she wanted to do was play the "Happy Birthday" song that she put inside. It's a special gift, because she made it herself! While stuffing the bear, she was able to step on  a foot pedal to allow the stuffing to go in. I thought that she would take longing picking out an outfit for her bear since they had so many cute outfits to choose from! But right away she was drawn to the PJ's, so we went with the cute, snugly, bedtime theme!

  The whole experience is what makes it fun, rather than just going to a toy store and buying a toy. This would be a perfect treat for a child who has saved up birthday or chore money to go and create their own friend! Also, we are always looking for something to do when their grandparents come in for a visit! They even hold birthday parties and have a room in the back for groups! If you bring your church group or daycare, the cost is $10 per child. When you buy 6 you receive the 7th FREE! A portable machine is available as well, call the store for details!

3264 A Virginia Ave Collinsville, VA
Tues, Wed, Thurs. 1-7pm
Fri and Sat 11-8pm

I received a free product for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. How fun! We've never done any of those animal stuffing places, but that looks like everyone had a good time!

  2. This is neat! I've done Build-A-Bear before, but I've never heard of this store. I want to take my son to a place like this, but I think he may still be a little young. He just turned a year.

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