I'm Going to HEAV!

Thrift Schooling
So I was up in the air about attending my first ever homeschool convention. Trying to get away for three days when you have three little ones, and homeschool is not easy! Ideally I would love to go with the whole family, the thought of being away from the family for three days is a little scary. But not too scary. I think I'll make it. Actually, once I decided to go, everything just started to fall into place, some great women to go with and.... a FREE ticket. That's right, FREE. I entered a contest on a blog and was just hoping as everyone does that I would win, and I did!!! So excited!! I'm not sure I really saved any money though since I know I'll be tempted to buy more now at the used book sale. Yes, you read that right. They sell used homeschool materials, a dream come true!!! If you've ever been to HEAV or another homeschool convention, feel free to leave me a comment with any tips you wish someone told you before you went to your first one....thanks!

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