Happy Independence Weekend!

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The thunder continues to roll in. As it has been periodically for the past week or so. Some of my kids love the excitement of a storm. My youngest does not. I guess it's typical. The noise, the unknown. It's interesting how all weekend everyone was wishing us a happy 4th, and I replied the same. 

Yet I wonder if we have even remembered what the 4th even stands for. The freedoms. The victory that was truly won that day. A people, oppressed by a government were able to form their own government in the name of freedom and liberty. My question remains today. If a similar movement were to happen today would fireworks be gleaming in the sky? I think not. We would be considered rebels, outcasts, freaks if you will. If a group were to stand up and demand their own form of government, free from the control of the oppressor would we be holding parades and running around in red, white and blue? If we requested the right to provide raw milk from our farm to our friends and neighbors for a reasonable profit or the right to choose whether or not we want to inject our children with unproven poisons into their bodies would the cheerleaders be cheering us on? We are all aware that our freedoms have diminished greatly over the years and for what reason? It burdens me that it is a battle to live the way that our forefathers lived in years past, but I'm willing to plow the tough fields to get the soil back where it needs to be in this country again! So rather than solely dwell on my stolen liberties, I will remind myself of the liberties I do have. Freedom to worship the One True God each and every day. The freedom to home educate my kids in a biblical and Christian fashion. The freedom to step outside and drive in this country without dealing with men in military uniform forcing me to honor a curfew. I am not ignorant of the world around me and the freedoms that other parts of the world do not possess. I've visited there and seen it with my own eyes.  My prayer is that we open our eyes in this country to what is going on and know
that in a blink of an eye, the liberties we have now may be gone. Thank God today for your liberties and your freedoms and pray that we turn to God as a nation because He knows that we need to! 

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