3 Laundry Shortcuts You Shouldn't Take

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1- Waiting For the Morning to Throw your Wet Load in the Dryer: 
Sometimes I can get away with this but more times than not, the load, after sitting around for hours, will begin to smell of mildew. Not even a couple of freshly scented dryer sheets will take care of that rancid scent. The clothes tend to smell worse than before they hit the washer!

2- Filling the Detergent Cap to the Top, even for Small Loads, to get your Clothes "Extra Clean:"
If you have a stain that is unberable, pretreat it or soak it before putting it in the washing machine. This will save you detergent and less trips to the store to buy more in the long run!

3- Running the Dryer Twice or Three Times rather than Cleaning the Lint Trap:
You know you've done this. Not that cleaning the trap is really that hard. But, pushing that button, just one more time is so much easier! I get it, but, so does your electric bill!

Comments make me smile! Feel free to share any laundry humor or woes below!

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